Window decals

Coming from a place where we wanted to deliver fashion and sustainability, AIRR set about launching a boutique and website that could provide quality, attractive, contemporary fashion and accessories without losing site of ethical, sustainable and innovative production and materials.

You can be happy knowing you are shopping consciously, buying fashionable clothing that is not damaging our environment and natural resources or forcing anyone into unfair labour and it will last you season after season. We stock brands that can truly say they do their level best to operate responsibly for people and planet, who make beautiful, unique, affordable clothes and accessories.

AIRR clothing will do its very best to continue to work with, and hunt for the very best new and exciting sustainable fashion brands, we are learning about new sustainable processes in the fashion industry all the time, it keeps us informed and motivated and enables us to pick out some unique and beautiful designs whilst supporting an industry that is still a niche; Something we hope will soon change from a niche to a norm.

As a Lifestyle choice, we want to help enhance your look, spoil your friends and family, and yourself with a great selection of gift items, cosmetic, beauty and home products. In line with our principles, we only stock and promote brands that are made responsibly and ethically and offer something unique and quality that you will love for years to come.

If you want to know more or speak to us about any of our collections then get in touch. Either email us on info@airrclothing.co.uk or visit our contact us page for more details.

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