New Season Maison Scotch Sweaters

I remember doing this kind of blog with Maison Scotch jeans last year, but it was a bit sunnier back then. This time it’s still very chilly out there, so this blog is all about the new Maison Scotch Sweatshirts we have available in the shop. perfect thrown on with a pair jeans. To be honest right now a sweatshirt is perfect for the transition between winter and spring. With the daffodils and the snowdrops starting to appear (at last!)

Maison Scotch is part of the successful design house as Scotch & Soda. Maison Scotch is a standalone women’s line that offers a wide collection produced from the highest quality. Their collections are enriched with detail inspired by vintage styling creating pieces for women to wear everyday.



This bold sweatshirt says ‘Holiday Forever’ and the colour is perfect for reminiscing about those lovely summer days, while still being warm enough to wear now, a sign of the days to come,  with the yellowest of yellow ‘garment dye sweater’ £59.95.

MAISON SCOTCH Cutted hem sweat ECRU


This one is an oaty colour with a dark blue applique design. the cut away sleeves and dipped cut hem are lovely details, possibly one of my favourites, it’s the oversized crew neck, ‘cutted hem sweatshirt’ £74.95.


Another lovely summery style, Add a bit of colour to your wardrobe! The batwinged shape top in a lovely bright red/orange, ‘Hot Lips’ sweater at £59.95. Finished with a vintage burn out effect.


This one is a batwing shape, oversized look, beautiful mint green springy colour, otherwise known as ‘Paradise Green’, £59.95.




I tried this one and fell in love instantly before it was on the hanger, It’s slightly longer than the rest, with quarter length sleeves and a boat neck, slight dipped hem at the back. Its black, its perfect! £64.95. Theres a few interesting details, there’s an inside out hem stitched down each side of the sweater and wide cut neck. not your usual sweater shape. Great over a dress or jeans with trainers.


Jen  is wearing the Maison Scotch Artworks sweat. Faded black with a brilliant design on the front in pale pink and cream. Lov the little crown detail. £74.95. Come and see them in al their beauty before they go, They are very popular at the moment flying off the rail!


Im wearing my ‘amour’ red batwing Maison scotch sweater (still in stock!) as I write this, so I can guarantee the Maison Scotch sweat is long lasting, good quality, easy to wear, easy to wash! Go and have a look in the shop, let us know what you think!

The AIRR team!


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