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You may have noticed there’s been a big change in the shop, pop in and have a look if you havent already. You may remember we published a blog post before Christmas talking about the history of the shop, AIRR as a family run business and the plans for a new business relaunch in the new year. Well it’s happening, in this blog we will try and explain why and how AIRR as a business has changed. Its all very exciting!

Ayesha Bell, the woman behind AIRR, spoke about the importance of the use of natural fabrics in the fashion industry, along with sustainability of these fabrics, and the sustainability of ethical, and fair trade businesses as a whole. AIRR always runs on four main principles, the items sold in the shop must be;


Good Quality



Ayesha also spoke about the difficulties of running an ethical business. How far can you run an ethical business before it becomes unethical? There were many unknowns involved in the old way of running the shop, which seems to be happening a lot in the fashion industry, causing it to be the second most wasteful industry on the planet. Buying stock almost a year in advance, without knowing if they’d be sold, the economy, dramatic price changes, will things become more expensive in the future to buy in due to imports being hiked up in price?

So after a massive warehouse sale, a brand new look in the shop and re launch there have been a few changes in the way the business will now be run. This way AIRR as a business will become even more ethical, a leap into a new ideology, this is what sustainability looks like.

AIRR as a business will now no longer do any seasonal forward ordering, meaning there will no longer be any over stock, selling brands who also believe in a ‘order when need to’ policy, with none of the harmful impact of the wasteful parts of the fashion industry. This will be done in using a slightly different more exciting and personal approach for the customers who shop in AIRR.

As well as buying in current season stock, she will be buying in old stock from past seasons, which is perfectly wearable and brand new. This means that AIRR will still be stocking earth friendly, sustainably sourced, beautifully made items, but at a lower price.

This also gives Ayesha a lot more control over the products that will be sold. Ayesha will be buying in items which she feels her customers will enjoy.

‘I feel that because the shop is based in a small town and therefore frequented by the same lovely people, AIRR clothing offers a more personal shopping experience. I like to think that we’ve built up a relationship with our customers over the years and know everyone’s individual tastes and styles’

So whats new in AIRR?

Theres a lovely new minimalist feel to the shop, concrete flooring, rugs, plants, fairy lights and comfortable chairs.

There’s still a new season rail, which at the moment is presenting the brand new season Maison Scotch, Scotch and Soda range. Theres a lot of spring colours creeping in!



There is now a VINTAGE and PRE-LOVED rail, with beautiful items picked out by the AIRR team featuring timeless women’s AND MEN’S clothing.


Along with BIG GREEN TREE organics, there has been an introduction of NATHALIE BOND organic range of candles, body oil, soaps and lip balms, made in Sheffield, 100% natural, 97% organic.

There has been an introduction of books, covering a range of subjects from HYGGE to the ethical fashion industry, vegetarian cook books and yoga with more to come soon.

AIRR will no longer be going into sale. INSTEAD there is now a PERMANENT sale rail, with weather appropriate items, work clothing, going out dressy clothing etc. This rail will be added to as the year goes on. So, no need to hold out for the sale signs, come in and have a look whats on offer! This includes two £10 baskets.


So basically there’s something for everyone. We look forward to a great year of exciting new ways of doing things in the shop, running as ethically and sustainably as we can and most importantly, we look forward to seeing you in there!

Dont forget to follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to keep up to date with what we are up to!

The AIRR Team x





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