Looking for the perfect Valentine’s Gift?

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner once again, and we at AIRR have gathered together a few ideas for ethical Valentine’s gifts available in Wirksworth and on the internet. Plus DIY valentines ideas. It can all get pretty tricky!

There are loads of lovely places in Wirksworth filled to the brim with gift ideas. If you’re thinking of keeping it simple easy and don’t want to go far to get a card or present, you’re in luck! Heres a few of my favourite.

Nathalie Bond from AIRR (blog to follow)




AIRR’s brand new range of Nathalie Bond products are perfect gifts.. There’s a large range in the shop, they are all made of organic lovely ingredients and only travel over from Sheffield. There will be a proper product test blog about Nathalie Bond later, but we thought these would make lovely valentines gifts. There are candles, lip balms and beautiful soaps ranging from £7.50 to £25. Come and have a chat in the shop and see what is available!

AIRR also have a great selection of scarves, books and vintage items …



Fairtrade gifts from Traid Links, Wirksworth







There’s a small valentines card display and a selection of beautiful items in the Traid Links shop at the moment… all things red and hearty, from pocket-sized shiny hearts to pink and red candles. My favourites are the heart-shaped fairtrade chocolates, individually wrapped in red foil!  There are some lovely brass jewellery in the window that caught my eye too! A collection of hand-made, hammered brass necklaces inspired by English country…gardens. Just beautiful!

…and a poor little red elephant looking for a home….



Beer and vinyl!

The Feather Star Pub  have a fab collection of take away bottles and cans of beer available, all with a valentines theme! Say it with ale, a few examples, Kiss my ace, and The Hoppy Couple from Thirst class and Liquid Mistress by Siren Craft ale. They’ve even got some for people who hate valentines day…like Into the Void and Your Betrayal by Manchester’s, Marble Brewery. Go in and see what’s available! Stay for a pint, crisps or coffee…pork pie anyone? In fact it’s probably best to save a whole afternoon / evening to go here as you’ll end up staying. Especially if the fires on!











The Feather Sar also sell vinyl! there are loads to choose from, even a 3 for a fiver deal….you can get everything in Wirksworth! Here’s a few of the more romantic records available, hand picked by Feather Star owner, Jo.




This Valentine’s UNICEF have organised some different charitable gift ideas, which can help Syrian children directly. You can donate a gift of warmth through UNICEF to Syrian children needing urgent assistance for only £25. This gift is made of fleecy blankets, hats and gloves, enough for five Syrian children. Or you can send a bundle of school essentials and health supplies, for only £16. Click here for more info on how to spread the love a lot further this Valentine’s day.

The Elements for life RAW chocolate making kit.



I got this for valentine’s day a few years ago, and I was amazed by the results. In this starter kit you get everything you need to make your own RAW and also HEALTHY delicious chocolates. I got the chilli chocolate making kit, which came with raw cocoa powder, cocoa butter, chilli, sweet freedom sweetener and a set of silicon molds. It was so easy. I would recommend this to everyone!  click here for more info!

Make your own card

It seems so easy to pop down to the shop and buy a card but there is something special about receiving something homemade. There are so many ideas out there but we like some of the more unusual ideas from buzzfeed here. I particularly love the ‘message in a bottle’ and the ‘bananagram’!

AND don’t forget your local florist! Freedom flowers on the main street, right next to the Feather Star. Go in and see what’s available. You can find everything from pot plants to bouquets to suit every budget.










Have a fantastic Valentine’s Day!


The AIRR team x

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