Running and Running

img_4460Last year I set a new years resolution to say yes a bit more often. I managed to tackle a whole year of saying yes and it’s definitely been hard but totally worth it. If you stick to something for a whole year, making resolutions the next year seems easier. So with a head full of optimism, this year my resolution is to run. It’s another odd one to pick….dont tell my PE teachers from school….but its actually quite enjoyable.

Running has many amazing health benefits. I always thought that running increased your risk of heart attack, or that running would totally ruin my knees….but after reading a few magazine articles, it seems that most of what I thought I knew about running wasnt true!

One thing is definitely apparent is the feeling of freedom and space, especially if you run in fields, off-road or through the woods…you can even do Phoebe  (from friends) impressions where no one will see you. its great fun. And apparently running for about 15 minutes twice a week can reduce feelings of anxiety, depression and stress. so it’s great for the mind. I find running with friends also makes the slog a lot easier, for example if its wet and minus 4 outside…. running with friends is a lot like meeting up for a coffee and a gossip, but cheaper! setting the world to right, or  counselling session in a kind of wild outdoor setting…it’s great being outside also.


However, it’s not just mental heath that running can benefit, its been found in studies that going out running a few times a week can also reduce the risk of stroke and heart attack, running can lower blood pressure, lower the risk of type two diabetes and apparently many cancers.

Running is also a great way to maintain a healthy weight, as long as you eat the right things in between runs!

I started using the Strava app on my mobile, if you keep your phone in your pocket while you run, strava records your run, the distance you went, the hills you climbed and your pace. I found this really useful to see my progress, plus if you do the same run a few times, once you’ve beaten your record you get awards! they are only little images of trophies but they work.

You don’t need to kit yourself up with loads of expensive running gear. Lots of people advise getting a good pair of running shoes, (and a good sports bra), by going to a specialist running shop. Lots of running shops can measure your gait by filming you running on a treadmill, then working out the best type of trainer for the way you run. I know, this sounds horrendously embarrassing, but do it, it’s so important to make sure you don’t cause yourself any damage while you run. (or put you off!)


Then the rest of your running outfit is up to you!

Maybe ill see you out there one day. I’ve found the running community very supportive and helpful!







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