Self care in december

This time of year things can sometimes build up, it might feel like there’s no time to get organised or the panic might be setting in if you have to be sociable, sitting in chomping on Christmas chocolates instead of stepping out into the darkness on a cold December day sounds better than having to be cheerful and having to hear everyone’s stories of being super organised and ready for the big day sometimes. and you know what that is fine! Yes it’s ok sometimes to push yourself, but if you really don’t feel like it there’s nothing wrong with giving yourself some much needed time out!

Surely going at it full pelt all the time can’t be good for you (unless you really enjoy it, that is fine too!) we’ve all had days when a break would be so beneficial!

I found this post on buzz feed today, here  it has some very helpful hints and tips and ideas on what to do if life seems to be going a million miles an hour! Have a read and let us know if you have any ideas or would like to share a selfcare ritual?

Whenever I feel a bit on need of five minutes out, I make hot chocolate, a nice soothing warm way to feel like going out there and getting stuff done! I read somewhere that a hot chocolate (made properly) can give you the right kind of boost.






You need!

A cup of full fat milk

50g dark chocolate

cinmamon stick


cardomom pod

Heat the milk, the cinnamon stick, and cardamom pod in a pan simmering gently so the flavours of the spices infuse with the milk.

When the milk is warm enough add the chocolate chopped up into smaller pieces with a sharp knife or grated. Melting slowly in the simmering milk.

Once completely melted add grated nutmeg to taste and pour into your mug! Add sugar or honey to sweeten to taste! Enjoy!

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