Vegan nibbly chocolate bites!

When it starts to get colder outside, I start to crave biscuits, chocolate and cake! I always used to joke that my body has gone into hibernation mode, storing extra calories for the winter stretch…but sometimes, this doesn’t feel very healthy. So I’ve been experimenting in my kitchen, to invent a new snack that tastes as great as a biscuit or cake, but is healthier for you still giving you that boost of energy to get through chilly days. So ta daaaaaaah here’s my recipe for dare I say healthy, energising and vegan, chocolate nibbly crunchy praline bitey bits. (I’m working on a better name!)


YOU will need: (Makes 25)

Dates – 100g

Honey – 1 – 2 tbsps

Desiccated coconut – 2 tbsp

Vanilla essence – 1 capful

Whole hazelnuts – 1 handful

Raisins – 1 Tbsp

Cocoa powder – 2 Tbsp

Basically it’s so easy, I played it by ear but using a food processor if definitely the way to go! The process can take a while to get I to the correct consistency.

Add the ingredients to the processor in this order: first the dates, with a tablespoon of honey ( and sometimes a spoon of boiling water to start the dates off, depending on what kind of dates you buy, if they are quite hard and dry a bit of hot water will work, if they are soft medjool dates you won’t need to do this)

Next add a tablespoon of raisins. Wizz the machine until the mix looks like gooey chocolate cake mix.






When you are at cake mix stage, this can sometimes take a while but it’s worth it! Add the desiccated coconut and carry on whizzing.

Add the hazelnuts (about a handful) and keep crunching them in the machine until they are in small chunks.

Add the Cocoa powder (about two tablespoons) and a few drops of vanilla essence. You may need to add a spoon more of honey, best to taste it at this point you may like them sweeter!

Using a bowl and a spoon of cocoa roll small balls of the mix until they are covered in cocoa powder. When all the mix has been used up place the balls into a tin. They can last a long time… But I doubt they will! They go deliciously with a cup of coffee!

These chocolatey balls of goodness can also be wrapped up nicely as gifts…with Christmas coming up these would make great presents for family and friends. If they last that long!

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