Thinking about minimalism and the capsule wardrobe – AIRR’s Autumn/Winter Styling Event

It’s taken a couple of weeks to tell you about AIRR’s Autumn/Winter styling evening but it was a fantastic event and a great experience in thinking more simply about what we buy.

Inspired by Livia Firth’s ideas around only buying clothes that we will wear at least 30 times and owning fewer items in general we have really wanted to get involved with spreading the message for a while. It took us what feels like an age to organise though, mainly because the idea of slimming down on what we think we need is such a challenge.

The key thing about minimising what we buy is that it stops us buying fast fashion and reduces our negative impact. It’s about opting for change not just in our own lives but for the lives of others too – it involves paying more for items but knowing that they are quality, that they won’t seep chemicals into your skin, that the people who made them are paid a fair wage and that we don’t continuously create unnecessary waste.


Having given it a lot of thought, we used Livia’s concept to style single items in many different ways – really showing off how versatile pieces can be.  Being surrounded by beautiful clothes at AIRR we do find it difficult to pick only a few key pieces to show off! To ease our decision making though we also created our first ‘look book’ which accompanied the evening and featured many more seasonal outfits. AIRR was also open for browsing too.

We started by thinking about colour schemes – we have a good range of blues and grey’s at the moment and they all fit together really well, as do the muted reds. We also thought about different occasions and focused on accessorising outfits with the fantastic patterned scarves from Becksondergaard (as featured in our recent blog here) as well as their funky umbrellas and sparkly socks. Shop Becksondergaard accessories here. Braintree’s gorgeous patterned tights and socks are also great for transforming outfits.


If you are also thinking about slimming down what you buy the concept of the capsule wardrobe really helps – The Tartan Brunette is a blog with a focus on the capsule wardrobe and minimalism and writer, Jen’s really helpful blog about her journey is a great place to start.

The venue for the event, Mercia Restaurant and Bar, just a couple of buildings down from AIRR, also needs a big shout out – it was such a perfect, intimate venue and made for a cosy, warm atmosphere on the dark Tuesday October evening. We were joined by 20 guests and Mercia’s team made us welcome providing us with sumptuous canapes and delicious platters. Mixologist, Neil Kelly, was also on hand to make us fabulous cocktails! There is surely no better way to begin reorganising your wardrobe than with good food and a cocktail! We were able to chat fashion, discuss styling ideas and peruse the outfits and the look book in a really relaxed way. An ethical fashion quiz also helped to build our’ knowledge about wider issues and 3 lucky guests won seasonal accessories from Maison Scotch.

After many requests to hold more in the future we will be definitely do this again and hope to see you there when we do. In the meantime we will continue to use the lessons learned to work on reorganising our own wardrobes!

Take a look at our Autumn/Winter collection here to find those key pieces for the season and we’ll keep you posted on when the next event will be.


The AIRR Team xx

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