Product Review: Braintree Tights

Braintree Agnes Tights

 Braintree Elmore Bamboo Tights

There aren’t really any words to describe how comfortable these tights are, but I’m going to try!! As you can see already, its going to be very tough for me to be in any way objective about these tights… Having grown up with eczema on the backs of my knees, a school girl in uniform black tights, did nothing to help it. All tights at this time seemed to only be made out of, is it nylon? They felt plastic, unbreathable, and really uncomfortable. Ballet lessons in pink tights was another place that these horrendous plastic tights were worn.

At University, I found some John Lewis tights which were made out of cotton, and my room mate found a pair of cotton and elastane fish nets (these fishnets are still going strong nearly 15 years later, which you don’t get with tights that are made out of not good quality fabric. I don’t get eczema on my skin anymore thankfully, but I still hate the feeling of denier tights and occasionally at a wedding, or event, do have to wear a pair.

This is because I can’t seem to find those long lasting, comfortable easy to wear, natural fibre tights anywhere. If you add the prerequisite that you want the tights to be ethically manufactured as well- well that makes it near impossible to find! Leggings and socks have been the only option available. We do have many ethical leggings at AIRR, made from organic cotton or bamboo such as here bamboo black-leggings; And great socks to go with them. But sometimes, you just need a good comfy pair of tights.

Not only are these Braintree Clothing tights ethically manufactured, they are also made out of naturally more breathable and strong bamboo! Bamboo is said to have antibacterial properties and because its natural and lets your skin breath, that’s good for ladies that get any kind of fungal infections or hot flushes, for temperature regulation because of its breathability. The Braintree Edith tights are made from organic 75% viscose derived from bamboo 17% cotton* 8% spandex. Organic fibres are always better next to our skin which is a semi permeable membrane and does absorb chemicals from our clothes and the world around us.

The other thing that happens with ordinary tights is that no matter what size you buy, the band at the top seems to be for a size 6-8 tiny person. This has a constrictive affect which then makes me feel bloated, and I often have to snip this band halfway across, but it doesn’t have much effect. The Braintree tights don’t need snipping because they are beautifully comfortable around my waist. I am a size 10- 12 and had a medium size which fit perfectly.

I honestly can not recommend these fantastic tights enough, they are just gorgeous!

Braintree Edith Tights




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