Roasted in Wirksworth. Full Moon Coffee Co

Excitement is building about the Wirksworth Real Ale Festival this weekend – but if you don’t fancy beer or you need a pick me up after a few too many, local, fair trade, Full Moon Coffee Co. will be on hand with delicious steaming mugs of goodness. Here’s their story…

When I’m not blogging for AIRR Clothing, I roast coffee.

My husband, Thom and I started Full Moon Coffee Co in April. Thom had just recovered from a big operation (9 major surgeries on one foot and ankle to be precise!) which meant we had to put our lives on hold, for 8 months, in order to recover. An important time to think about things, re-evaluate and make plans. Once the pain killers kicked in!


In this case Thom and I decided to get obsessed about one of our biggest passions, coffee! We started buying raw coffee beans in small amounts and roasting them in various contraptions and experimenting with techniques to make the perfect roast. In the early days we used a popcorn maker but quickly saw the need for one of those small roasters, you can get for your home. A kitchen essential, obviously! About four months in to experimenting, after finding the perfect roast and the perfect bean we decided to test it out on our friends and family.

Once Thom was able to stand again we decided to do a market stall in the Wirksworth Farmers Market. We worked through the nights with our tiny roaster, it took half an hour to roast one 226g bag!



We found that an arabica bean which we bought from a small co-operative of farms in Costa Rica  was the tastiest; and with this co-operative being 100% fair trade we knew it was perfect.

Heres an excerpt from ‘The Curious Baristas Guide To Coffee’ by Tristan Stephenson, which helps explain the reason we use Costa Rican coffee beans….

“Costa Rica is usually my first port of call when I am welcoming someone into the world of speciality coffee. Robusta was made illegal by the Costa Rican government in 1989, which speaks volumes about this countrys commitment to high quality, high value coffee. A craft centred revolution has occured by which small growers or collections of growers, have invested in their own wet-milling equipment allowing them greater control over the processing of their coffee; while roasters enjoy exceptional tracability of product to a particular farm.”

Full Moon Coffee Co will always be fair trade, we feel in this day and age, knowing about working conditions and pay and how these things are exploited, as the norm, to most products available is shocking. Fair trade is a way to stop this happening, a step to help people step out of poverty. You can read more about fair trade here. We are proud of our gold fair trade licence. The gold licence is only given to companies that use 100% fairtrade ingredients.


We love roasting in Wirksworth, our home town. Each batch of beans is hand roasted and packed in our studio. Our packaging is then finished off with a Full moon stamp, which I made myself! The full moon will always remind us of our humble beginnings staying up through the night to roast while the children slept.

We’ve enjoyed serving our coffee at Ashley Hay Festival, and Wirksworth Arts Festival’s, art and architecture weekend this year, and you can come and grab a coffee or two at the Wirksworth Real Ale Festival, held by town hall events, on the 22nd/23rd of October. Where you can taste a selection of locally brewed beers, to the sound of live music. Steeple Grange Chocolate Fairies will be there too. Free entry.


Full Moon Coffee is available at Manna Deli, a delicious delicatessen in Wirksworth, and also at the Farmers Market held in the Memorial gardens on the first Saturday of every month. Next one on th 5th of November. Available as both whole beand and ground.  So come and see us there!

Full Moon Coffee is also served in Mercia and The Northern Light Cinema.

Thom and I really enjoy our coffee, and we drink it at home. We currently produce three different types of roast. Medium, City and French. Each roast has the same amount of caffiene in each, they just vary in taste. Medium is a light roast, tastes almost like a strong black tea, with hints of salted caramel. City is a favourite to our customers and is the roast available in Mercia. French is a stronger taste, very dark and delicious.

Full Moon Coffee in a massive cup!

Find us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to keep up to date with what we are up to. Search Full Moon Coffee Co.









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