AIRR’s Top 5 Ethical Fashion Blogs

We love hearing from others also on the path to a more sustainable lifestyle and there are some great blogs out there. From our base in rural Derbyshire, they help us feel part of a wider, interconnected community and provide no end of inspiration.

From styling ideas to brands, capsule wardrobes, ethical textiles, manufacturing processes and much more, our 5 favourite ethical fashion blogs cover everything we need to know…

Eco Warrior Princess

Eco Warrior Princess, Jennifer Nini

This Australian based blog site is full of universally relevant posts.  The section on fashion is full of down to earth posts about building a sustainable wardrobe, upcycling and brands (many are also available in the UK). There are a range of other lifestyle topics covered too (growing your own, recycling, health and beauty, green home) and founder, Jennifer Nini, also shares stories and videos about her journey to ethical living.

Moral Fibres

Founder of Moral Fibres, Wendy Graham

This is a firm favourite of ours here at AIRR. Wendy posts well researched, practical posts on a multitude of topics – food, art, fashion, even cleaning! We particularly love the charts she uses in this article on “How to Shop Consciously for Fashion” and the comprehensive list of UK ethical brands in the post “35 Ethical Clothing Brands For Women” .


Tartan Brunette

Tartan Brunette founder, Jen Brownlie

We love following Edinburgh based Jen’s journey to a more streamlined wardrobe. Her posts on building a capsule wardrobe of around 37 items per season are inspiring – the pictures of her minimalist rails make us feel particularly keen to make more changes! Jen also covers practical beauty and lifestyle issues.


Tortoise & Lady Grey

Summer Edwards, Founder of Tortoise & Lady Grey

The authors of this stylish blog have everything covered – there is information on reasons for buying sustainable, ethical beauty tips as well as how to buy into the slow fashion revolution. After following their practical, informative blog posts for only a short time you feel able to make meaningful changes and dress your whole family ethically for all activities – be it swimming, yoga, running, work or evenings out and about. If you are thinking about joining the ethical fashion revolution then sign up for the 20 Day Fashion Challenge. Free daily e-mails and access to advice and tips help with the switch to slow fashion.

What Pixies Wear

Sabrina Bianca, What Pixies Wear

We love all things Berlin here at AIRR and Sabrina Bianca’s ‘What Pixies Wear’ makes us feel like we can experience a little bit of Berlin from our home in Derbyshire. Sabrina oozes style and her posts are backed up with great pictures of outfits. Like many of us she is on a journey to develop sustainability and her posts focus on how sustainable doesn’t mean compromising on style. We love how she mixes brands with second hand items and even borrowed ones from her boyfriend!

We’re always interested to find new blogs to follow and we’d love to hear your favourites – please let us know in the comments below.


All at AIRR xx

*Thank you to bloggers featured for allowing use of their photos.

**Thank you to Chris Adamus and for featured image

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