Organic September, anyone?

The soil association have started a campaign to spread the word, and facts about what it means to be organic, called Organic September. You can read all about the campaign and what special events are taking place, here :

There’s even a few promotions on there!

One of AIRR Clothing’s aims is to chose organic where possible. Organic means taking care of the planet and animal welfare, not only in the food industry, but also in the production of clothes. One of the biggest polluters to the planet is the fashion industry. So AIRR Clothing has a range of clothing brands who only produce clothing using organic materials such as organic cotton and bamboo.

This is good also for people who suffer with allergies which are irritated by the chemicals used in clothing production. And also good for the welfare of the people who are in the factories making the clothing.

This new season brings lots of lovely organic items to the shop for you to try, brands such as Skink Funk and Komodo are back too!

Ginie Merino Wool freckle knit dress


Its Wirksworth Festival this weekend and there’s a 10% discount for loyalty customers so there’s never been a better chance to get involved!


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