The Maison Scotch Relaxed Shirt

Relaxed Viscose Shirt
Scotch and Soda, Maison Scotch, Relaxed Viscose Shirt

The new seasons stock has arrived at AIRR Clothing, the rails are now filled with some beautiful Autumnal colours and patterns. Ive been in to try lots on, there’s some cosy jumpers ready for when the temperature drops, I’m very excited, I love Autum; Log fires, long walks, foraging. brilliant. It’s time to get some wonderful items for your ethical wardrobe!

Ive decided to write a blog for one of my favourites, this relaxed shirt by Maison Scotch, Scotch and Soda, is fantastic for that transition time between Summer and Autumn. This shirt is very versatile and could be worn in a formal fashion to work easity with some black high waisted work trousers and jacket.

‘Adorned with Nordic prints, this relaxed viscose shirt is slightly cropped in a soft quality. Detailed with a chest pocket and curved hem.’



Autumn is a lovely season colour wise, browns greens and reds, so that can be reflected in what you wear. I’ve mix mached alot of patterns and colours in this outfit, this skirt was a charity shop find, £1.99 I think someone might had made it.


The shirt can be worn on those random hotter days we are getting, with dresses as the material it is made from is so lovely and light. Here I’m wearing it with the Braintree Evianna skirt, but pulled right up and worn as a dress. Lovely with flip flops or big boots.

I love the Nordic pattern on this shirt, the pattern is dark brown and the shirtis creamy white, really lovely and goes well with alot of other colours already in your wardrobe, so would be a good addition to snazz up a few outfits you already own, without having ti buy a whole new wardrobe to go with it. The buttons are really pretty too, they have a vintage feel to them.

‘Scotch & Soda design garments with great love and eye for detail. That same love and attention can also be found in the way they produce their clothing. One of their top priorities is to run the business with great sensitivity to the world around us. Maison Scotch take on the challenge of making fashion more sustainable and improving working conditions in the fashion industry. They strive to offer fair, social, healthy and safe conditions for workers in the supply chain.’

Ive washed the shirt already after I leaned in some blackberry jam, horrified I bunged it in the washing machine on its own with my usual gentle washing detergent at 30 and it came out as good as new! phew!


The shirt is already a cropped shape so lends itself nicely to being tied up at the front and worn with high waisted jeans, and you can celebrate the harvest season pretending to be a land girl with big wellies on. Well that what I’d do. See you at the Hauticultural show on the 17th in Wirksworth memorial hall!


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