Beths blog : National book lovers day

I’ve always got to stick in a few blogs about books when I can. Not that there’s much time to read at the moment. But it was national book lovers day earlier in the week, so I thought I’d join in with my favourite book.


Chocolat by Joanne Harris was first published in 1999, it has also been made into a film. Even though the film stars Johnny depp I think the book is better, much better. I bought my first copy on my way to Paris in 2006. But it’s one of those books that keeps getting lost and then returning, so I now have a few copies. Being a poor student living in Paris was difficult especially at Easter time when the chocolateries were adorned with beautiful window displays, gold leaf and edible sugared flowers! However the way Harris wrote about the chocolates in the book, well every time she mentioned food, the way she described things in such a lavish way made me feel like I was eating every time I read a chapter.

The story has a dark side too, death, ghosts and witchcraft. So it’s crunchy! The front cover is beautiful, the dairy milk esque purple and the nest of golden Easter eggs…. Delicious!

Here’s a paragraph from the book to get your mouth watering:

‘ I can read their eyes, their mouthes, so easily: this one with its hint of bitterness will relish my zesty orange twists; this sweet smiling one the soft centred apricot hearts; this girl with the wind blown hair will love the mendicants; this brisk, cheery woman the chocolate Brazil’s. For Guillaume, the Florentines, eaten neatly over a saucer in his tidy bachelors house. Narcissus appetite for double- chocolate truffles reveals the gentle heart beneath the gruff exterior. Caroline Claremont will dream of cinder toffee tonight and wake hungry and irritable. And the children … Chocolate curls, white buttons with coloured vermicelli, pans d’epices with gilded edging, marzipan fruits in their nests of assorted misshaped in half-kilo boxes…I sell dreams, small comforts, sweet harmless temptations to bring down a multitude of saints crash crashing amongst the hazels and the nougatines. Is that so bad?’



The book is basically a long list of delicious chocolates….Speaking of delicious chocolates, have you heard of Steeple Grange Chicolate Fairies? I’ve just been handed a bag of ‘Nobody’s perfect’ bag of seconds by the lady herself. Handmade in Wirksworth. It’s delicious, with little gems of dried strawberry scattered across it. Mmmmm


On a completely different note AIRR clothing have a fantastic sale on at the moment. With a few lovely sunny weeks of summer coming it’s a great chance to grab some lovely ethical summer clothing!

And as of today there will be a chance to see the new collections that will be available too!


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