Beth’s blog: clothes swap party!


Did you know that in Britain we throw away tonnes and tonnes of clothes to landfill every year? The saddest part is that a huge percentage of these clothes are perfectly wearable! At the moment when clothing can be rediculously cheap, there isn’t much said about what to do with the clothes you don’t want anymore, chucking away seems the quickest way to get rid.

But there are other ways. There are often clothing banks in large recycling centres. Often donating the clothes inside to charity. You could even bag up all your unwanted things and donate in person to a charity shop. Or donating to people collecting for refugees. Infact there’s a place in Wirksworth called Aqua box  that does just this.

The depot is open every weekday morning except Wednesday, 9.30 – 12.00, 9.00 on a Friday. You can take things along on any of those days. Also Saturdays 8.30 – 10.30. The depot is based at the top of cromford hill. You can read more here:

However I got invited along to a clothes swap party last night! It was so much fun, a group of us all met with bags of old clothes, often ones we were too fond of to just donate. Using a clothing rail we hung out all the clothes then with a bit of help from some delicious home made elderberry wine plunged into an evening of changing outfits and giggling and in a rather civilised manner managed to swap wardrobes! It was great fun! I came back with possibly more than I planned to bring home with,I wouldnt advise this as a way to thin out the amount of clothes you own! But it was great to have a go at trying on different bits that you wouldn’t usually try. All for free!

All you need is a few people with clothing to swap, a venue and a few drinks/ sweets.

All the clothes that remain can then be donated to charities/ Aqua box / clothing banks and no waste for landfill!


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