Summer dresses

We’ve had a few lovely hot days lately, and thanks to Livvys blog about tinted moisturiser I thought it was about time to do a blog on the summery dresses available in AIRR Clothing! The collection in there is wonderful, there’s plenty to choose from, all serving different purposes from dresses to wear at weddings to day dresses. There’s also different cuts and styles available, arm covering or tummy slimming rouching and block patterns which are like stripes, good ways to make you feel comfortable and body positive for the summer months. And then, when it’s a cold day or rainy the usual cardigan and boots combination can work a treat with a summer dress. (Well that’s what I’d do).

But AIRR has thought about these dresses in all angles, each brand is ethical and earth friendly. You can read about AIRRs fundamental principles here

In this blog, I’m going to introduce you to a small selection of dresses, and the brands behind the dresses. I have a few rules when I go clothes shopping!

I think it’s always nice to see how bits of clothing look on someone when deciding if you want to buy a dress, so I’ve tried on a few!

It’s also nice to pick a few you wouldn’t usually choose, which I have done here.

Sizing things in shops can be difficult so I always grab a few different sizes, it’s not about the size you are but how you like it to hang. If you prefer a loose fit etc. I always go a little bigger, I like a looser fit!

One last little side note though: The changing room mirrors in AIRR are amazing, and I never say that about changing room mirrors! So don’t be afraid to try lots of things on if you can nip into the shop!
People Tree




This is is the Zandra Rhodes design dress from people tree. This dress is great for an effortless easy throw on dress for summer. I like the oversized sharp as it’s very airy, sometimes you need that when its very hot!! You can see it properly here:



This is the Elsa dress, but in a bright colour. You can also get it in navy. The rouching round the middle is a great thoughtfully positioned detail if you know what I mean. Nice with sandals! . Definitely suitable as a smart look for work.


This is the Katy dress, it’s a simple but lovely shape, Jen in the shop says block pattern is very flattering in the same way stripes can be.

All these dresses are fair trade and made from organic cotton. You can read about People Tree here:

Skunk Funk












These dresses are a lovely simple shape, they have short sleeves which I don’t usually go for but they are cut to just the right length, so for me these sleeves were OK! In the photos on the website they’ve folded the sleeves up a bit too, I wish I had tried that! One has an adjustable belt around the middle which brings it in at the waist. These dresses were made of recycled material. You can see it and read about the Skunk Funk brand here:



This dress felt like a dress you’d wear to a formal summer occasion. The flower image on it is gorgeous! It’s made with organic cotton. Read about it here:

…but it would go nicely with a pair of converse to tone it down, especially in a contrasting colour!

Earth Kind Originals


This dress dress was my favourite! By a lovely brand based in Cornwall. Their designs are inspired by the sea and the landscape around Cornwall. The material is so soft and easy to wear. You can read about the brand and this dress here:

Maison Scotch


This Maison Scotch dress was very light and breezy, with a nice red striped pattern and nice frilly detail on the arms and round the middle. the colour is called ‘red rust’ I think this dress is shouting out for a pair of cowboy boots!

Ignore my silly posing…just focus on the dresses!


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