Becksöndergaard Delivery!!



Out of all the deliveries that arrive in the shop, the Becksöndergaard delivery is possibly my most favourite. This is because it offers something very different, designer made and produced, this accessories brand is unavailable inmost retail outlets and offers a quality of design that is really special.

As an artist these prints, patterns and colours really float my boat. But they also work brilliantly in a practical way, the bags fit a lap top inside them, the scarves go with other prints and patterns and outfits. And they do umbrellas, phone cases and socks. But not just any socks. Becksöndergaard sparkly socks! An ordinary thing but made different and special! (and perfect with a pair of brogues & trousers!).

Becksöndergaard was launched in 2003 by Lis Beck and Anna Söndergaard, this Danish accessories brand brings together unique prints on luxurious fabrics. Becksöndergaard’s collection of accessories are not to be missed and they have ethical roots. The collections are bursting full of colour, unique designs.


We are soooo happy to be stocking Becksöndergaard, we hope you will be too!




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