Beth’s blog: learning a new skill

I remember going on a school trip somewhere as a kid and having a go with a couple of careers and some fleece…

last night I had a go at learning how to do it properly from a wonderful woolly Wonder Woman called Hattie Kerrs.

Hattie is an amazing knitter and stays close to old traditions in the way that she produces her work, with knitting needles, with a knitting machine, a properly made amazing looking wooden spinning wheel to name but a few of her lovely contraptions, creates and designs some amazing pieces. She realises the importance of the simple things in life and also the importance of creating knitwear from scratch. She is a font of information and knows her stuff when it comes to all things wooly. She even spins her own yarn from fleeces she’s collected from a few local farms.

With a pile of washed fleece she showed us how to spin yarn using a drop spindle.

image image

Using things called carders we brushed the fleece to open up the fibres. This took quite a while, the fleece was so strong! Once you got all the fleece brushed Hattie showed us how to roll the wool into a rolag ready for a technique of spinning called drop spinning.

Slowly threading the fleece through your fingers while  twisting and spinning the yarn was difficult. But spending the evening together chatting and creating wool together, the way women and men did in the past, made me realise how important it is to hold on to these old traditional ways of crafting and producing things from scratch. I’m hooked on learning more! image

And also made me realise how much hard graft Hattie puts into her knitwear! Keep an eye out for her creations or read about her on her website here


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