5 Albums we’ve been listening to lately!

This is not the best albums of all time, because that would take forever! And we are not sure it is even possible? But of this summer, or released lately? we can do!  This is what has been our jam so far, getting us through some pretty tough times!

Below are a few (o so difficult!) albums we (Beth and Livvy!) have chosen to share. Can you spot who chose which? Do let us know what you’ve been listening to lately! And don’t forget Vinyl Night held in the Blacks Head pub in Wirksworth on the last Thursday of every month!

1 Father John Misty, I love you Honneybear


This album is so open hearted and may really be a love letter to Josh Tillman’s (Father John Misty’s) wife. Josh was previously the drummer in the Fleet Foxes too. His voice is gorgeous, the sentiments fit our times perfectly,

“My love, you’re the one I want to watch the ship go down with
The future can’t be real, I barely know how long a moment is
Unless we’re naked getting high on the mattress
While the global market crashes”

etc! And its full of fantastic tunes. There’s not a bad one on there. It has made me feel better of the past few weeks anyway.


2 Luke Abbott, Modern Driveway

shopping (1)

This is electronic music, and is the most like an ambient Aphex Twin album that Luke Abbott’s music will get. Its beautiful to listen too, evocative of natural spaces like forests or beaches, and very good to listen to in those spaces. If you like electronica its a must have.


3. Nothing Important, by Richard Dawson

‘The vile stuff’ by Richard Dawson was a cracking track, I was totally blown away when I first heard it, how did he work out he could play like that? It’s a great long rambling story that sounds like an old hearty drinking song in places ! And the rest of the album is pretty cool too. He’s a guy from Newcastle singing with a fantastic accent, definitely a musician to keep your ears out for!






4. The Hope Six Demolition Project, by PJ Harvey

She’s one of my all time favourite women. This album I got for my birthday this year. Pollys usual gritty themes run through this album almost like a news reel. Songs like ‘the wheel’ and ‘ chain of keys’ are brilliant.







5. A Moon Shaped Pool, by Radiohead.

I have to be honest, I wasn’t too keen on ‘burn the witch’ when I first heard it, but I found it totally addictive once I heard it properly through good speakers! It’s amazing how much compression ruins the sound of a track when played on the radio or MP3…I’m a vinyl gal through and through! Good tracks are ‘decks dark’ and ‘desert island disc’ but I’m still listening and loving new parts of this album the more I listen to it!


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