Buying only Fair- We’d love to please!

Working at AIRR is a privilege when it comes to being able to buy fair. I am surrounded all day at work by fabrics and clothing produced in a fair way without pesticides and pain. This means that aside from my underwear all my wardrobe is AIRR & Fair! So when the question of a ‘not high street shopping for a year’ challenge came up in conversation, I thought that that was no problem.


However as you can imagine I was sadly wrong. This is because there were a few tragedies of lost knickers (nothing exciting unfortunately just living up a hill and having a washing line subjected to gail force winds!) I have had to use Marks & Spencers because they have cotton in them and i don’t agree with M&S’s political stance really. So this is the first thing that went wrong.

The second thing is that I have children and am not rich. This is obviously enough in itself, but added to this, it means I can not afford to buy them only organic beautiful clothing brands. I do what I can second hand on ebay and charity shops and hand me downs, but sometimes push comes to shuv & there are no socks left (where do they all go to?).


So this has made me feel sad and angry for the millionth time this last few weeks it seems. Buying exclusively fair trade clothing or exclusively organic clothing should be something that is just normal. Not posh, not hippy, not middle class, not special, but just normal. I don’t want to support political regimes, slave labour, big corps or growing with pesticides that go into the water and effect all of us eventually. This is something we need to keep pushing for, don’t let it fall by the wayside, don’t think its happening you can relax a bit, but keep going. Keep asking people if you hear ‘it was only £3’ who made that then?Someone that doesn’t eat? Keep it up and keep supporting organic fair & local until its just normal!!



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