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I started the year with a new resolution (I never make them usually) to try and say yes to things a bit more. I think it’s often easier to say no and hide away from being sociable, for me it is anyway. Or was 7 months back. this blog is a positive one, it’s really important not to get bogged down in fear and worrying. In the link below one of the ways to combat anxiety and worry is to take yourself outside. Focus on small things and conquour your fears.

My husband last November had major surgery on his foot. It’s been a long time of building his strength back with physio and many doctors appointments but for the first time in three years, he decided to hop back onto his mountain bike this week. Something he used to do all the time. He decided the time is now to say yes and get back into riding again. It’s all about leaping over those mental blocks that can often make it really hard to move on with things. Here’s a bit of advice from the NHS, that celebrated its 68th birthday a few days back, on coping with anxiety.



We went up to Middleton Top to the trail for a tootle about while my husband whizzed off into the distance. It was a beautiful evening. The views up there go on for miles the wild flowers in the hedgerows made it feel like we had cycled into a Kit Williams painting. So peaceful, so nice to sit and listen to the birds. It’s a good place to go, to stop. If you are in need of a place to clear your mind go there! I hope the lovely landscape helps you as much as it did us that day.

If tou can’t get up to Middleton top, or if it’s a wet rainy day, a trip to Mercia in town for a mocha is always a good idea. That’s the good thing about Wirksworth, there’s always a friendly face and someone to talk to. Especially on Tuesday market days!


It was Ashleyhay festival at the weekend. A lovely small festival up in the hills overlooking the town. There were bands, delicious vegan food and music all weekend. The kids tent was fantastic. The best thing was to be able to switch off the phone and ignore the Internet for a few days. Even though the weather wasn’t dry the whole time, everyone there was friendly and the whole place felt happy and cheerful. Everyone came together to help people with stuck cars at the end of the festival and everyone took a bag of rubbish away, leaving no trace. A lovely community to be part of for a few days! you can really see the weather up there, dramatic clouds lovely sunshine and amazing rainbows! There was a sign up at Ashleyhay that said there is no rainbows without rain, like in life you have to trudge through the difficult parts in order to reach and appreciate the good times.




P.S I got a kitten.





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