Beth’s blog -watermelon!

This week I’ve had a really bad cold, in search of something full of vitamin C, I have discovered that a watermelon is full of the stuff.

Watermelons are fabulous fruits. Wonderful and heavy like bowling balls but a beautiful colour red/pink when opened. Though to be honest, I never really liked them until a friend of mine from Hong Kong introduced me to a new way of preparing a watermelon.

Ten years ago I was living in Paris, it was a hot sticky day and it was the World Cup. Zidane head butted Materazzi. It was big news! My friend had come to visit for a few days and we needed a quick way to cool down and something to keep us entertained while the footie was on…..

we got a watermelon half from the green grocer across from my flat in Blanche.

After we ate the red part, minus pips! My friend chopped the remaining skin in half saved half in the fridge and began to peel the green skin off the other half with a potato peeler.

10 years later, still no interest in football I have another watermelon here’s the recipe for the delicious dish my friend made for me:

you will need:

the bit you leave behind after eating a watermelon

a potato peeler

olive oil

a garlic clove

some salt

Using  a potato peeler peel off the green skin, leaving the yellowish rindy stuff and a small bit of red melon


Chop into chunks and put into a sauce pan, add a sliced garlic clove and some olive oil and cook on a low heat until the greenish yellow rind turns yellow, this can take a while. It’s worth it though!


Put the delicious chunks on a plate and sprinkle some salt and voila! That’s it, I know it seems odd at first but I get very excited when watermelons start appearing in shops for this reason!


Remember the bit in the fridge? Place the cooled watermelon directly onto your face for an instant refreshing face mask on extremely hot days! One watermelon – no waste!


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