Sale time in AIRR is always busy because of all the usual reasons, but also because we are an ethical shop. This means the people that make the material the clothes are made from (Cotton farmers, Bamboo growers, Hemp growers) all get paid a fair wage and have higher costs in not using cheap genetically modified chemicals and seeds. And the people that make it into fabric, spinners, weavers, and then, seamstresses pattern cutters, factory owners. They ALL get paid a wage that we wouldn’t mind being paid for that job. So the end product costs more, and this can sometimes take it outside of peoples budgets.

When buying at AIRR this is something we constantly have in mind because people know its often more than high street cheap prices, and we want to be able to offer reasonable and affordable prices, so many a time we reject clothes that will retail at just too much! We hate this stereotype too and work really hard to make sure our prices are reasonable.

Brands such as braintree offer really affordable basics, as do Komodo, EKO and Skunk Funk. At the higher end Beaumont Organics offer luxury quality fabrics and Maison Scotch offer details and tailoring that is not usually found on the high street.

So In Sale time some people like to stock up on basics in gorgeous organic fabrics, and others like to buy things they wouldn’t normally spend on. Here are my own pics in both categories:-



The Braintree Thea top is a great layering piece and is £34.00 Its one that will last and is pure organic cotton, and really soft next to skin. Thea-tee


This Organic Cotton thin knit jumper is another great layering piece, easy to wash, easy to wear and pair. It also comes in Navy &  Coral and is now £52.50 people-tree-kelly-v-neck


The Wunderwerk tee actually made it out of the luxury goods and into basics, which was an accident! Its because its such a good staple and basic item, the sleeves are longer than they seem in the picture, and even though it has a silk front and Jersey back, its a great item for being long lasting, and great with jeans casually or under a blazer for work, or with trousers at a wedding. It can do everything! £42.00 wunderwerk dusky-tee


And lastly an Eko vest would always make it into a basics edit because they go underneath all dresses, the soft eucalyptus tencel means dresses don’t ride up on them. They are great for people with sensitive skin or pregnant bumps too. If you haven’t got one of these in your life, now is the time! Reduced to £22.40!



So these are the items I couldn’t normally buy unless they were in a sale but are special because they are different, have more style, have exceptional fabrics or tailoring, and are things that you want to keep for occasions and general showing off!!!!


Black is not a traditional summer colour, this is often because it is heat or sun attracting so if its hot, perhaps its not sensible. However…. We live in the UK! When oh when will we ever get affected by this black dress, too hot scenario??? If you are like me and your a bit ‘nesh’ (gets cold easily) this won’t affect you anyway!

Aside from this, I LOVE a black dress in the sunshine, it makes a tan look darker, its Soooo unbelievably stylish, and its comfortable and slimming. Whats not to like!? This Maison Scotch one has a really silky feel and gauzy shoulder strips, and is now £52.40 maison-scotch-elegant-dress-black . If you want a more budget friendly version there are however LOTS of other styles of simple black summer dresses in the shop, and on the sale rail. Komodo do a gorgeous tencel shift dress and People tree have loose pocket styles. If you haven’t got one, you neeeeeeeeed one!



Crafted from the most comfy cotton, these have a vintage feel they are so heavy. These ‘beach joggers’ are perfect for lazy afternoons at the shore. Features an elastic waistband with cords, pockets, lightweight & fully lined fabric. No ordinary trousers!


And lastly, a jumpsuit is a bit of a one off item in itself. It is a great alternative to a dress for a wedding or going out just to mix things up a bit and be a bit different. This one by Skunk Funk has a great all over print and is now only £52.00 skunk-funk-sergiane-jump-suit


So that is all my selections, if only i could have them all!!!! All of them!!!!











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