Beth’s blog- chickens!

I rehomed three lovely chickens at the weekend, after a few days of clearing the back of the garden, getting a guy over to put up the fencing (who lived in Thailand with 60 chickens!!!) and a celebration feast with sausages and wine, I have grown so fond of the majestic creatures! They have brought with them a lovely sense of calm. I even installed a new bench into the garden for perfect chicken viewing! The children love them. The telly has been off and we are all really enjoying their company. We’ve even had eggs!

But I didn’t expect to suddenly feel like never eating chicken again. Now that I can see how intelligent and loving these birds are I feel so sorry for the ones who never get to go outside, bred purely for meat.

I decided to do some investigating and found some wonderful things about chickens. Here’s a few of my favourite snippets of info I found:

A mum chicken can memorise the faces of all of her chicks, up to 100 different little faces in fact!

Chickens can communicate using 24 different vocalisations. They do make some lovely welcoming noises when we go to chat to them, and it’s lovely to hear them chat to each other. Ours  gossip all day under the tree in their run.

Chickens are the closest living relative to t-Rex! We’d have to have a much bigger hutch if they were as big as dinosaurs though, imagine the noise….


I found loads of things about chickens, and made some sad realisations about chickens who are kept cooped up in farms on this website

cluck cluck!



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