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I really needed to get outdoors today. We’ve had a lot of rain lately, so it’s looking so beautiful and green out there. Going outside and exploring is, for me, a favourite way to clear the mind.  Living in Derbyshire means there’s an abundance of exciting places to see, full of history and folklore. Everywhere has a few stories to tell, and sometimes places are so intriguing and full of mystery.

My journey began with a boot in the road. Hey that’s weird! Later on in the journey, quite a lot further up the road, there lying on the Tarmac like roadkill was the second boot….I had to get out to take a photo of this one….who’s boots were they? Why were they seperated so far apart? Driving further into the journey just past Bakewell as it happened we’d been chatting and getting right into the old stories we knew about the places we drove past. I find story telling so fascinating, especially stories that have been passed down through hundreds of years and are still being told today. I’m no qualified historian, but I am absolutely intrigued by the amount of stories, folklore and old traditions that are woven into the landscape round here. It adds another dimension to the beauty of the place.

With our heads stuck in mystery mode we pulled into the open gardens to an old Manor House which seemed like it was plonked right in the middle of nowhere. We decided to get out and explore. No info, no keep out signs, and no one about, perfect! Below are a few photos we took on our adventure.














image image image

Of course we knew where we were really, but why not spend the day pretending and making up your own stories? This was Thornbridge Hall. It was very beautiful. Acres of beautiful gardens, full of exciting little footpaths grottos and bridges for a small person to explore. But as well as passing down the stories of places, it’s important to pass on the excitement for wanting to know about the stories too. Don’t you think?


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