Beth’s blog :Water!

As the summer months begin to arrive, its important to keep hydrated. I’m a true believer in the magic of water, in terms of drinking a lot will do you good! A lot of the time I forget to drink the stuff! But lately I’ve put a real effort into making sure I’m drinking the recommended amount of between 8-10 glasses of fluid daily.  Before, on days where I forgot, I felt sluggish, really low on energy and fuggy headed. I hate feeling like that. It can really ruin days, especially if you’ve made plans or have huge amounts of tidying up to do! I didn’t realise that it was the absence of water that was making me feel like this, and assumed that I needed iron tablets or just that I was sleep deprived.


I read somewhere that humans are made of 70% water. I think it was this that made something click, without drinking enough water I felt like there was a part of my head missing, so decided to try something out. I put a pint glass by the sink, and every time I went into the kitchen
I had a good glug of water, easy access, next to the tap! Instantly I could feel myself feeling less lethargic and within a day I felt so much better! Within a week my skin was less dry, the skin on my face became brighter, and lumpy cellulite started disappearing! A month down the line there was a spring in my step and energy levels were high! I even feel like my eyesight is better?!…. I could just be imagining that!

I’ve heard people say that when they’re feeling anxious they drink a glass of water, as it encourages deep breathing, focus on the breathing and calm follows.

So I think everyone should try this! If you aren’t close to a tap grab a big bottle to carry round with you or have on your desk at work to remind yourself. If you’re not really into the taste of water on its own, heating it up and adding a slice of lemon would be a good alternative. Or a nice herbal tea. I’m a big fan of peppermint and licorice tea. I’ve found that the best time for an energy boost, is a pint of water once you get downstairs in the morning, while you wait for your coffee or tea to brew!

I’m not going to change this habit now, there’s too many perks to it.

Right where’s that glass?


P.S Remember my blog about record shopping in Leeds? Read it here if you like!

Well, we’re listening to the Comets on Fire debut album re issue, that was bought that very day, you can listen to it here while you sip your pint of water if you like?

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