Legs 11

This time of year is when our legs leave the comfort of our trousers and make an appearance in public! It’s also when, in the shop, we hear the most complaints about legs!

Feet have a similar thing, I once heard someone say when they leave shoes after a long winter they have the look of having been ‘poached’!

The thing is, I don’t believe anyone (unless they are very lucky) has Beyoncé legs (or feet) without a bit of help! We all need a big hill, stairs or the gym to sculpt them a bit, but failing that, there’s a little trick that makes all legs look good! This help can be found in products like this moisturising  bronzer. This takes that ‘daz white’ effect off and makes you feel a bit less exposed.


Find out more about it on the Pool website here https://www.the-pool.com/beauty/shopping/2015/29/a-fake-tan-that-doesn-t-smell-of-biscuits . This product is however, not organic, and we are all about that, so if you know of any organic and ethical similar products that do this job PLEASE let us know!

If you really don’t want to get those pins out though, but do want to wear a skirt, we have some great maxi dresses and skirts in AIRR Clothing this summer. The Braintree Eviana Stripe Maxi was featured on Beth’s guest AIRR Blog earlier in the season, (braintree-eviana-bamboo-skirt)and this Farah lagoon blue maxi skirt has the same fold over super comfy waist band. I also prefer a less A-line shape, and this Tulip shape is perfect and feels more natural to me. Find it here Farah-maxi-skirt



If a maxi dress is more your style, these three also have that tulip strait shape and a nice length. From left they are the Komodo Pull dress £50, the Komodo Amelina Maxi Dress in Black £60 & the Beaumont Organic Cienna Sleeveless Maxi Dress was £73 Sale price £40. These are all made ethically with Organic Cotton & Tencel. Find them all here Maxi dresses at AIRR


As well as all this we have a great selection of patterned trousers & jumpsuits which are really in fashion and set to stay around for a good while. these all cover up legs but still look summary and are generally more light weight than jeans! Have a look here: patterned trousers . Hopefully that’s all your leg needs covered, literally! And don’t be scared to get those pins out, remember no one has Beyoncé legs!!!!


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