Beth’s blog. The cosyness of children’s illustration

I remember when I was a kid I spent a lot of time looking at my books. I had a lot of good stories to read, but when I think back it was the pictures that got me hooked. I could sit for hours getting lost in a picture. I saved all my favourite books and still have them today, I still associate the feeling of being cosy with the pictures inside.

In this blog I thought I’d show you a few of my favourites. Hopefully reminding you of books you used to read!


I used to love looking at pictures that had a lot going on in them, in this one inparticular, from Peepo, by Janet and Allan Ahlberg, the detail of the image goes out the window and onto the street of houses outside!







I loved images of kitchens,  this one was a favourite from the book without a name by Kit Williams. Hidden in every picture of the book were clues, you had to find the clues to work out what the title was…so exciting! When the book was first published if you found the name you could win a bee brooch made by Kit Williams wife. I didnt win the treasure….but I know what the tile is!















I love the Father Christmas stories by Raymond brigs. He uses a photocopier to draw over each picture over and over again to create depth, his pictures are perfect. I love the way his drawing technique makes each image glow. For example in an image of lights at night time, or the gas ring on an oven hob. Its these tiny details that make illustrations of a book so magical.






Now that my kids are interested in books I feel it’s really important to teach them about the cosyness of books and the excitement in the pictures. This weekend we took them to Scarthin books, a book shop in cromford. Speaking of cosy! It’s quite easy to get lost amongst the many books in that place. The children’s room is great, its a treasure trove of lovely books that can suit all ages, from brand new baby books through to books that make you reminisce about childhood via a good teen section. It’s a sunny warm room with a lovely calmness about it, very homely. Sitting on the child size seats, you can totally forget where you are! Taking my kids to Scarthin Books and showing them the childrens room I hope will forever create a link between being cosy, and books! My Daughter actually fell asleep on one of the chairs in the Art room…maybe pushed the idea that book shops are cosy too far this time! I will end the blog with an image that reminds me of Scarthin, from a book called How To Live Forever by Colin Thompson. another of my all time favourite illustrators.




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