Beth’s blog. Birthday trip to Leeds!

My husband and I have birthdays very close together so each year we celebrate not only on the birthdays, but on the days in between as well. This year was a big birthday for me (30!) so we decided to have an overnight trip to Leeds, without the kids for the first time in four years! We love going to Jumbo Records in Leeds, and this year we were celebrating the 20th anniversary of Thom’s first record purchase as a spotty 13 year old.

I hate long journeys in the car, but I felt very comfortable wearing my  new Alaura Summer Bamboo Slacks, bought in AIRR along with my People tree dotty top that came from the sale rail! I even managed to wear my sandals once the sun made an appearance….but it didn’t stay long so I had to change back into my old boots, luckily the trousers go nicely with both. If you were actually going away somewhere hot for a holiday these trousers would be so useful in your suitcase, they’re made of a very lightweight material made of bamboo.


After dropping the bags off at the hotel and a quick change into some ‘going out’ clothes we set off to find some food. We went into SOBA who sell Thai street food! So tasty, I had vegetable dumplings, steamed, followed by belly pork and sticky rice. The decor was lovely colourful, mid-century modern with Graffiti murals on the walls and disco music. It was quite quiet as it was Sunday, but that suited us.

Veggie dumplings!
Veggie dumplings!

We felt very welcome, it was lovely to have a slow uninterrupted meal. Unfortunately I didn’t have enough room left for the cinnamon doughnuts on the desert menu….I’ll have them next time! I wore the Braintree Morelle Bamboo top with Maison Scotch Haut Denim jeans. I’ve had my eye on this navy blue top for a long time, I love the dipped hem, bat wing shape and the buttons,  it’s these little details that allow the top to be so versatile. However I’d go a few sizes bigger than you usually go for, as the hem at the front could seem a bit too high.

Braintree Morelle Bamboo Topimage

In the morning we set off to find some breakfast and a coffee before we went to Jumbo Records. I enjoyed having a good long sit down and a hot coffee for once! I loved sitting and watching people outside walking past, while Thom and I had a good natter about his birthday record list. Mostly about the limited edition Radiohead album!

I wore my Braintree Lilli Organic Cotton Stripey Top. This top is great for long days exploring. Its light enough to wear on hot days Braintree Lilli Stripey Organic Cotton T-shirtimagebut would also look great with a big scarf when it gets chilly. I like the bat wing shape sleeves with the two different kinds of stripes. I do like a good stripey top. It took me a while to get used to this one, but im so glad I held on to it. It goes with loads of different outfits. I wore mine with the Braintree Bamboo Maxi skirt. Nice and airy for the long day ahead!

This top,( and a lot of other nice bargains!) are available in the Airr shop right now, in the May 30% off sale!

Or online
We spent a long time looking through all the records Jumbo have to offer. It always takesThom an age to choose which ones to get. So I hung around outside and found a place that sold Canolli! I bought three white chocolate ones and went back to find out if Thom had finished. I took a detour to the ‘G’ section and bought World Music by Goat. Totally migraine inducing front cover, and the record is lemon yellow! It’s taken me four years to buy this album, I have no idea why, but I am so glad I took the plunge. Read about Jumbo Records here:

We had lunch in Whitelock’s, the oldest pub in Leeds, before getting the train home. This place is great. It feels like going back in time. It’s also so nice that it’s filled with customers of all ages, so its worth trying to find it. It’s hidden down an alley way in the centre of town! But I wont say exactly, because a pint tastes better and well deserved after a good old treasure hunt! Its beautiful inside, with its old dark wood and beautiful green enamel tiles along the bar it would fit perfectly into the set of Peaky Blinders. You can read about the history of the place, and a few clues on how to find it here

And if you’re dying to know which records Thom chose, here’s the list:

The new heavy weight 180g re issue of Comets on Fire’s debut album.
TNT by Tortoise
Hoplessness by Anonhi
Gnod by Gnod
Bisiness Inbetween by The Coral
Solo by Nils Frahm

and pre-oders of
A Moon Shaped Pool by Radiohead; and
Earrings Off! by Adult Jazz


Me in Whitelock’s with my new Goat album.



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