Blueberry & Almond Brainfood Flapjack!


This week my son is doing his SATS, so I wanted to make sure he had a snack in the day to keep him going but thats actually going to keep his brain going, not give him a carb & sugar temporary lift followed by feeling extremely sleepy. However this is also a good snack for later at work so you don’t come home late and eat a massive meal before bed (which is one of the worst things you can do if your on a diet or trying not to put on weight), so even though this is calorific, its better than doing that, at least you use the energy from it in the day time.

So I used my previous part time profession as a cake baker to make this recipe:

  • 110g blue berries (because thats how many are in a packet usually 100g will do)
  • 140g billberries (collect from any moorland area we have lots in the Peak District, but if you don’t have this, replace with more blueberries or any other berries frozen or fresh)
  • 200g oats
  • 100g ground almond
  • 100g seed mix ( I used linseed, pumpkin, sesame and there may have been some desiccated coconut in there)
  • 100g of another dried fruit, I used apricots which i chopped and stood in hot water first till i needed them
  • 200g butter
  • 5 tablespoons Golden Syrup (i’d love to use maple syrup but I can’t afford it)
  • 1 big tablespoon tahini (sesame seeds are PACKED with calcium and tahini is delicious)

Wash your blueberries, and re hydrate your dried fruit. Then put aside and tip all the dry ingredients into a big bowl.

In another pan melt the butter, golden syrup and tahini together, just until melted and combined don’t boil. Then tip this into the dry stuff with all your drained fruit and stir together. Squash into a baking try, I had no baking parchment so i just buttered my dish and it came out fine.

This recipe is a compromise between ‘healthy flap jack’ and none healthy flap jack, Im saying its a compromise because blueberries are a massively powerful for your memory, the seeds have omega 3s, the almond protein, and the oats staying power and low GI. I don’t ever use margarine since scientists found that it stays inside your liver for an age and is extremely bad for you, but if you don’t do dairy try coconut oil (I’m not sure if this works but Id reduce it to 170g if I was going to try it). If your feeling flush replace the golden syrup which is just so bad for you I’m trying not to think about it, use maple syrup or another sweet replacement like date syrup.


Happy Flap Jacking!



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