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There are loads of beautiful items in the AIRR shop that are made with organic pesticide free, non toxic cotton. Organic cotton feels no different to the cottons widely used in a lot of clothing production, so why are more and more companies making the switch? I’ve been doing a bit of investigating.


Have your heard of Isothiazolione? I hadn’t! But it turns out that it’s used a lot in things like soaps, makeup and a lot of detergents, household cleaners, and shampoos.

It is also used in non organic factories that produce clothing. A lot of the time it’s used to stop mould forming on the material when its being moved from a hot country.

Isothizolione, when it comes into contact with skin, or through the air can cause an allergic reaction. Especially if you already suffer with eczema.

Have you heard about AZO Dyes? No, me neither! Well…These are the bright dyes used in clothing production too.

Imagine if you had to work in a factory with these compounds present. Your skin swelling, blistering and itching like crazy everyday…

A company who cares about the welfare of the workers in the factories and even the people who end up wearing the products at the other side is a very special company.

That’s where the GOTS comes in…The Global Organic Textile Standard

“GOTS is known as the world’s leading standard for environmental criteria along the entire organic supply chain, and requires compliance with social criteria as well. Only textile products that contain a minimum of 70% organic fibres can become GOTS certified. All chemical inputs such as dyestuffs and auxiliaries used must meet certain environmental and toxicological criteria. The choice of accessories is limited in accordance with ecological aspects as well. A functional waste water treatment plant is mandatory for any wet-processing unit involved and all processors must comply with minimum social criteria.” – From the Skunk Funk website.

Read more about GOTS here

There are lots of different brands in AIRR that use organic cotton. Earth Kind Originals (EKO), Beaumont organic and Skink Funk, to name a few. The Women who work in AIRR are very knowledgable on this subject, feel free to pop in and chat if you want to!

If you have allergies/ eczema problems when it comes to clothing, Jen in the shop has some cleaning advice here:

“If your clothes need it, a spot clean can work very well, with a wet cloth. If there is a stain, white vinegar is very handy too. But if you need to wash in the machine, always wash at 30, using a gentle detergent like Eco Leaf, or Clean & Fair.”



Eco leaf and Clean & Fair are available in Trade links in Wirksworth. They are AZO dye and Isothiazolione free. Trade Links offer a re-fill option, where you can bring back your empty bottles and get them filled again, often cheaper than buying another bottle, and this also means less waste as you are recycling the bottle each time! I use this re-fill system for everything at home, shampoo, conditioner, washing up liquid….

Thanks for reading, Beth.



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