Jo’s Guest Blog: Going EKO

As a Fairtrade supporter and regular at AIRR since it opened in Wirksworth I  have been building my ethical wardrobe up over a few years.  Working as a Sustainability Manager I am often asked if I “live it”.  I try to and aspire to.  Colleagues expect it of you when you are working for change and more than ever when you are asking them to consider change in their way of being.  My style is quite eclectic and my wider wardrobe a mix of clothes that have grown with me.  I aim for timeless staples and have pieces that have been with me since my twenties.  As a woman in her 40’s I now look for flattering cuts that are both comfortable and stylish.  Never afraid of colour or pattern I am more careful about how I add this into an out fit now and find these days sticking with a palette of block colours works better for flexibility and for my body shape.
I love scarves and jewellery and the odd vintage bag.  These are great for “dressing up” the EKO range.  I buy on instinct rather than as a follower of fashion.  I don’t need my clothes to define me but I do like to feel good and my job requires that I look professional.  I love to go to work knowing my clothes support my role and my beliefs.  I am also a Mum and so like to be able to wear clothes I can move in, throw on and get on in.
The real bonus of wearing sustainable ethical fashion is that it aligns with my passion for the environment, for human rights and much like the field I work in has moved on so much in the last few years.  Not everyone feels they can afford this option but I would ask
“What if buying less is actually giving you more?”
Ethical Zen Dress
EKO Ethical Zen Dress £64.00 in Eucalyptus Tencel 

On a recent break to Cornwall, home of EKO I unpacked and realised I had created a capsule wardrobe made up of EKO pieces, Maison Scotch, Braintree and Komodo with a cheeky John Smedley and EMU jumper thrown in.  The mix and match of these worked a treat and took me through snow and hail, sunshine and rain.  My favourite EKO pieces are the Ethical Zen Dress  which has the most amazing flattering cut and the organic cotton relax leggings which I live in.  Both move with you and are soft to the touch as most organic cotton is.  Try it and see for yourself


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