Scarves; Which Colours Suit You? Beth’s Blog…

13010734_1001293796586905_9046753120562530738_nA lot of women I speak to in Wirksworth have said that a large chunk of the clothes in their wardrobe comes from the charity shops in town. Which is the same with me, lots of the clothes I own can be traced back to their original owners.

As I’ve mentioned before in blogs I enjoy buying pieces from the charity shops in town, to go with pieces I find in AIRR and vice versa. Scarves especially.

In this photo I am wearing Skunk Funk old, £3.50 from Age Concern, which I have teamed up with Skunk Funk new. The Abedoll scarf, £25. Bought in AIRR a few weeks ago.

So this blog is going to be all about scarves. AIRR has a fantastic collection of scarves this season. Right now, I can’t go out without a scarf, it’s the perfect thing to have with you when the weather is so changeable outside, or inside actually, I’m never without it!

When the weather outside is so grey too, a bit of colour is sometimes enough to cheer yourself up. The orange on my Abedoll scarf shines so brightly, its good for the eyes! But as we all know people are different, we have different tastes and different skin tones, and a colour that looks great on one person, can look so different on someone else. There’s loads of theories out there to help people work out what colours suit them.  So in this blog I will attempt to condense it all into a bitesize chunk to make it easier to work out….it truly is a (ahem) game of tones…

According to colour assessment theory, I suit cool toned clothes, my hair is dark and I have dark eyes and my skin is white, prone to sunburn. But I do ignore this sometimes and just buy things that I love, garish sometimes and wonderful patterns, which any colour assessment theory would disagree with…everybody is different!

Here is a small selection of the scarves available in AIRR, a lovely range of colours to suit all skin tones. Weather your skin tone is warm or cool.

To explain colour analysis a little;

Warm Toned

Your hair; reddish-brown, golden blond tones with brown/blue eyes with yellow undertones, golden brown skin. Your skin; pale with yellow or red tones freckles, peaches and cream.  Or you have light green eyes.

These scarves would suit you:

Maison Scotch
Maison Scotch Super Soft Scarf – £34.95
Maison Scotch Summer Scarf With Tassels – Pink – £64.95
Maison Scotch
Maison Scotch Light Weight Scarf – £34.95







Cool Toned

You have black, dark brown or silver hair, dark toned eyes, your skin is black, rosy pale or if you have white skin that burns easily in the sun.

These scarves would suit you:

Becksondergaard – £39 (available in store, or online soon)
Becksondergaard Simisola Scarf in blue – £25
Skunk Funk
Skunk Funk Penol Scarf- £25








If you decide to go with the colour assessment theory though, the lovely women who work in the shop advise you to have another look at which colours suit you every five years as things can change. If you decide just to go with the colours you love or even if a pattern grabs you or the lovely soft material is irresistible, all of the above can be ignored! There’s something for everyone in the shop. The new range of beauties from Becksondergaard is in the window at the moment.

The collection in AIRR is larger than I have written about here, there’s a lovely range of patterns colours and materials ready and waiting to be stroked and tried on and then wrapped around you on cold evenings…

The scarves can be bought in the shop, or online




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