Beth’s Blog; Just Say YES !


2016 for me has been the year of saying ‘Yes!’ and getting a bit more involved with things. Being a stay at home mum for 4 years now has turned me into  a bit of an introvert. So at the beginning of the year, as a new years resolution (I never make new years resolutions!) I decided to get out of my comfort zone and challenge myself a bit more. This has lead to a lot of exciting and very happy times that just would not have happened if I carried on saying ‘No!’ all the time. My name is Beth and I’ll be taking over part of the AIRR Clothing Blog!


I live in Wirksworth, with my husband and two small children. I’m an artist and illustrator. I enjoy a good old walk, vast hilly landscape views, food, loud music! chocolate, wholefood shops, books and digging around junk shops. Luckily you can enjoy all of these things here!

So, I hope you enjoy my blogs to come. I will talk about lots of things, family, lifestyle, food, books, music and of course the odd outfit and ethical post here and there too!


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