Beth’s Guest Post; Record Store Day & Wild Garlic Foraging

Record Store Day

Today, 16th of April is record store day! A day to go out and celebrate independent record shops. There’s a few cool records that were released especially for the day too, for example; The Dirty Three, The Fall and a re-release of Hocus Pocus by Focus! Amazing, you can see a list of all the records that were released here there may be a few of these special releases left over, have a look at the link and see which record shops are participating this year. I know there isn’t one in Wirksworth, but we do have vinyl night.  Which is on the last Thursday of the month in the blacks head pub. That makes it on the 28th this month. Don’t miss it!


Wild Garlic Season!

Its also wild garlic season! If you enjoy foraging you’ll have heard of this lovely herby gem. Found in woodlands, or on riverbanks between April and early July. A patch of wild garlic signifies that the woodland is a very old or has grown in place of a very old woodland. The leaves are long flat spear shaped. Its best to pick them when the flowers are blooming. You can sniff them out quite easily! Once youve picked the leaves you can keep them in the fridge and use them as a sprinkling over meals in place of parsley. Or cooked into an omlette!

There’s a lovely recipe here from Abel&Cole for wild pesto. I got some in my vegbox last week, had wild garlic in everything!

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