Beth’s Guest Blog 2: The Evianna Bamboo Maxi Skirt

I do love spring, I’m sitting listening to the birds outside as I write this. However with spring comes indecisive weather, which means having to leave the house with an outfit on that suits all conditions! It becomes difficult not to go out looking like you’re wearing a whole wardrobe’s worth of clothes, but also feeling comfortable and happy with how you look.

I enjoy shopping with a clear conscience for treasures in Airr, supporting a small local business, with friendly helpful staff who are all proud about where they work and where the stock comes from. Selling brands that use organic materials, that are fairly traded. I find it hard to shop anywhere else.

In the winter I bought Braintree’s Bindi Maxi skirt, and this was a game changer. The maxi skirt style is a new one on me, being petite I always thought they’d be too long for my short legs, but the Braintree magic is in the waistband! You can roll the skirt up or down depending on the look you want to achieve! And oh, that waistband is so soft and comfortable to wear.


So now spring has arrived, I needed a skirt that did the same as the Bindi Maxi, introducing the Evianna Bamboo Maxi Skirt. The comfortable, adjustable waistband has struck again, and this time with a ‘high low hem detail’ for a spring time twist.

I know a lot of people are put off by stripes, but Braintree say that these stripes are ‘purposefully placed to be at their most flattering angle.’

Heres how I will be wearing the Evianna Bamboo Maxi Skirt this spring:



I love the colour yellow, preferably mustard yellow, the navy blue stripe on the skirt looks really nice with my favourite EKO (Earth Kind Originals) top, and my trusty boots, i’ve had these for years and they go with everything!

This skirt is great for being a ‘slouchy round the house skirt’, but also has the ability to look glam too, perfect on an evening out with a pair of black flats and my lovely new red crossbody handbag bought for fifty pence last week in Help the Aged. I love hand me downs, and rummaging around in vintage shops charity shops and even ebay. Great places to grab accessories to go with your Airr clothing classics!



My absolute favourite way to wear this skirt, or should I now say dress! Is with the waist unfolded and pulled right up, teamed with a light cardigan and a pair of trainers. The navy and white stripe design hasn’t yet clashed with any other colour. This skirt (dress) is a dream!


Even when pulled on early in the morning with a batwing jumper, scarf, and boots to do the school run, the Evianna Bamboo Maxi skirt has proved itself to be a must have for your spring/summer wardrobe. How will you wear yours?


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