Beth’s Guest Blog: Healthy Truffles!

I have two small kids, aged two and four, and they are both very much into chocolate, just like me! So I decided to look out there for a recipe where I could use chocolate to sneak healthy nutrition into their diets in a way that would be welcomed by both children. It’s difficult sometimes to make sure that they are eating the right things!

A long time ago I found a recipe for vegan truffles, here’s the tweaked version that both children and adults can enjoy! They’re so nicely rich that you only need a few to satisfy a chocolate craving!


You will need:

150g organic Medjool dates

2-3 tablespoons Green and Blacks organic cocoa (plus a little more for covering)

1 tablespoon of pure coconut oil

A small amount of desiccated coconut (for an alternative covering)



Put the Medjool dates, cocoa and coconut oil into the food processor. I find it easier to chop the dates up into chunks first, this makes it easier for everything mix in the processor, and makes sure all the stones are removed.

Turn on and whizz until the mixture has been completely blended. The coconut oil will bind the sludge together. When the mixture is ready it will resemble soil. But don’t be put off!


Remove all your rings at this point, its starts to get a bit messy now.

Scoop a small amount of the mixture into the palms of your hands and roll into a ball. (it’s up to you really at this point to decide how big you want your truffles to be!)


Once the mix resembles a ball/ marble, place it into a bowl that has a few spoons of cocoa in, move the bowl around making the cocoa cover the ball.


Once the ball is covered in cocoa, place it onto a fancy saucer and repeat until all the sticky chocolate goodness has been used up.


For an alternative covering you can use desiccated coconut.

And that’s it! Easy! Even kids can make these. They can last for ages in the fridge…. well apparently, we’ve never gotten that far!

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