The Best Book Ive ever Read

In preperation for the Wirksworth Book Festival, we are asking, what is the best book you’ve ever read? Or, an easier question, what are some of the best books you’ve ever read?! If you want to know more about the The Wirksworth book festival (from the 8- 10th of April) you can find out here:

The best book I’ve ever read is a very difficult thing to choose because at different times in my life, different things have been more relevant. As a teenager reading about Liverpool life as experienced by author Helen Forrester in her books was something I enjoyed and which affected me. As an older reader Jitterbug Perfume by Tom Robbins blew my mind, this is a strong contender as I have never experienced anything like it and in my early 20’s it really was just what I wanted from a book! Like Water for Chocolate by Laura Esquivel is another important one which I read when pregnant with my first baby (who loves chocolate!).


Since then, there are again different books for different reasons, but if I HAD to pick, Isabella Allende’s House of Spirits would be the one.

I was so affected by it, and still can not believe the lack of knowledge about the events the story revolves around. It is set in South America and ends around the time of the revolution and the coup d’etat  sponsored by the CIA.  When people refer to 9/11 this is what I think of because the loss of life and miscarriages of justice that followed these events are atrocious. I believe the impact felt by these events continues to have effect in our world today. This book reveals all in a beautiful interwoven narrative that carries you across generations against the backdrop of the magical South American culture. I think it should be on the national curriculum!

house of spirits

So they are my two, what about yours? If you can get in touch and let us know yours we would love to hear. Contact us at


One of our best customers Beth Bowie’s best book is Lollipop Shoes by Joanne Harris, she says it was life changing and has influenced her choice of food, clothing and her general style ever since. She will be writing a few blogs herself next week, so look out for that!

lollipop shoes



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