The Wedding Outfit Edit

Well, one of the first items of new stock that didn’t even make it to a clothes hanger this season is this Maison Scotch Baseball Dress! There is so much I love about it I don’t really know where to begin! I think the seems around the neck/ the taping detail are probably the straw that broke the camels back and made me have to have it though!

But the big reason I had to have this dress is for Weddings. I am generally always stuck knowing what to wear to weddings, and have previously worn a canary yellow vintage Grecian maxi dress, where i was asked if I was the bride, this I think was a bit too much!!

On other occasions my fall back floral tea dress has done many a wedding trip, but I feel like its a bit boring for me quite frankly. Its not that Ive got something to prove (although going to weddings where you see all your old secondary school friends does feel a bit like a reunion) but I just feel a bit twee in it i suppose. Is just alright, the standard floral dress.

Ive trawled vintage shops for another option and found many a dress that was very nice, or that is nice with breath held in, and before eating anything! Afterwards zip opening might have to occur which is not what you want during your friends wedding!

So when this ‘Baseball Dress’ came out the box, it went strait over my head, and then into my handbag!! It can be word with quite high cowboy boots if your wedding is later in the season and likely to be colder, or any kind of heel or sandals before that. The Maison Scotch Baseball Dress is £104.95.

The ‘Hit it Out the Park’ Dress


The Wear it Again Dress

If you want something a bit more subtle but still smart, and maybe something that you will wear again and again, this Navy Silky feel dress is a great option, and only needs a bit of accessorising to dress it up or down more. This Skunk Funk navy & white printed scarf with neon trim is exactly what I would put with it, but see our range of other summer scarves here:


The Floral Dress

If you are a fan or the floral dress, getting a boxy short one is a great way of updating it, and this look looks great with flat gladiator style sandals or heals. Its so easy to put with a cardigan, a blazer, or to sneak a pair of tan colour sheer tights under for warmth. This is a versatile option, and a 100% organic, ethical one. It goes great with this heavier weight half sweater half boucle style blazer.

The Braintree Amelie Botanical Print Tencel (Tree Cellulose fabric) Dress is 100 % organic cotton and Tencel fabric, is a classic shift shape and only £59.90. The Maison Scotch blazer is made from 100% Cotton and super comfy, great for wearing again with jeans and sandals £84.95.


The Sale of The Century Dress

And if you are on a budget but want to be an ethical shopper and can beg or borrow anything this is the one of the best bargains we have at AIRR Clothing, a past season dress but an absolute corker of a print and very flattering style. There maybe only 1 left though so hurry! The Arya tree print Dress from ethical brand People Tree is 100% Organic Cotton, is fully tailored and is now just £40.00.



Not a Dress!

And Finally, if you have a dress already that you love and don’t want to buy another, but feel you need something to lift it, or update it, this blazer is something very special! It will also look amazing with any pair of smart black trousers, and go with any other colour. Its by Maison Scotch and is £104.00, and comes in their classic silky texture.

If you are still stuck and going to a wedding though, please pop into the shop with whatever outfits you have and we will help you to mix and match or supplement or accesorise what you already have to make you feel special and to make sure you have the best of what ethical fashion has to offer!






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