The Oscars in Wirksworth!


Who needs Hollywood when we have Wirksworth?

And the winner is…

This Sunday the 28th of February will be the Northern Light Cinemas third Oscars Night and they plan to make it the biggest, the glitziest, the most stylish yet… So if you’re buying tickets, it’s a black-tie event so get out your glad-rags, dust of your bow ties and dry clean those DJs. There will also be a vote for which film to watch on the night, and a few awards to hand out…

– Best Dressed Man (Sponsored by Ian’s Hairdressers)
– Most Glamorous Lady (sponsored by AIRR Clothing)
– Most Gorgeous Couple (sponsored by TNL Cinema)

AIRR Clothing will be there on the red carpet, with our new spring collections for you to browse before the film and whilst you enjoy your champagne cocktail!

There will be golden envelopes,  and a professional photographer too so make sure you get scrubbed up because we’d love to see you there on Sunday the 28th!

Find something Glamorous to wear here:

And Purchase your tickets for the night here:

A Few Ideas

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