Lazy Sundays (or anydays!)



Sometimes when you get up in the morning and you know your having a lazy day & not going anywhere, (perhaps taking the dog down the lane is as far as it goes!) So, you don’t want to put on anything restrictive, jeans no matter how comfy they are. On these days its nice to have joggers or pj’s but, that makes me feel too sloppy, not dressed and guilty that I feel like I should like I’m going to exercise when I am not.

So what to do?! On these days harem pants are the perfect solution! The Braintree Papillon Slacks (pictured above) are made from bamboo & organic cotton, Comfy, baggy, very stylish still, and very easy to wear if you know what to pair them with.

A go to item for pairing with these this season and last is a batwing style top. These are also great with any length of skirt, especially maxi, which in winter is sometimes harder to know how to wear also. Some of our favourite ethical clothing batwing tops this season are this Navy Reneve top by Skunk Funk, a gorgeous lightweight knit with a round neckline, 3/4 sleeves and a straight body shape. Great to wear all year round, lovely for moving into Spring and wearing on chilly Summer days. Its made from 55% Linen and 45% Cotton and is £65.00


Or you could try this charcoal super soft Braintree Briar top that is 55% Hemp, & 45% Cotton, £59.95.



The other problem with harem trousers is sometimes knowing what to wear on your feet, In summer (if it ever gets warmer!) obviously flip flops, sandals or toms espadrille flats are the easiest things to go with harem trousers or maxi skirts, but before the sun really comes out, a pair of trainers or a really comfy cosy pair of sheepskins are probably best! We have some great value sale pairs, such as these Emu Australia Paterson boots, which were £165 and are now £95



So thats our lazy Sundays all wrapped up in the best bamboo & ethical clothing! Super soft and Super cosy!







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