No Cost Valentines

This Valentine’s Day, we will be encouraged to buy buy buy, all manner of heart shaped and red products, but does this prove your love?!  We thought we would draw up a list of things you can do that are worth more than money, and that we can do in the Peak District where we are based, or anywhere!


1 Go for a lovely walk together! You could plan a route you’ve not gone before and if you want to make extra effort you could walk it first and leave notes or or decorations along the way.

2. Write a letter! This is a traditional one! But it shows so much more than a text or an email or anything printed can. It shows you have put thought, effort and time into something. It doesn’t have to be an essay either, a very short note will do!

3. Have dinner at home, obviously this is something that perhaps happens quite often so make it different by getting some child care if you have kids and that’s a possibility, or perhaps move dinner at home to a different room and add some decorations to change it up a bit!

4. Make a list of proses to each other, for example

  • be on phones less
  • talk rather than call
  • make a date night

5. Have a pamper night, get out some candles, get in a lovely big bubbly bath, get your books out and generally behave like your in a hotel!

We hope you can do some of these things this weekend, and if you are a single lady or man, remember it’s also a time to cherish our besties who are always there for us. Here at Airr clothing we are very lucky to have amazing best friends and are very grateful!


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