So, What is the Anthropocene?


Well from what I can gather it is a geological occurrence of human origin, it is the new theoretical buzzword. With the recent floods, climate change and the global economy as it now it we can no longer deny our human impact, our politics, or consumerism, our ignorance and so-called energy transitions. There is a new book out by Christophe Bonneuil and Jean-Baptiste Fressoz with this same title exploring all these issues available here:

And we are going to buy it. But consumerism can be a force for good; we would steak our business on it!!

At AIRR the impact of clothing production, shipping, waste, and all of its costs are factored into what we buy and what we sell. We feel like old harpies going on and on about it but really, until something starts to change we are not going to stop. Not through all 2016, and as long as it takes before peoples shopping habits start to mirror the needs of our environmental conditions at present.

The recent floods and our government’s lack of prevention is also having a terrible impact. If we look at the whole system, what is growing in the fields around flooded areas, what is the condition of the soil, can it hold lots of water or is it un-absorbent and causing run off and thus possibly flash flooding? Are farmers being supported in changing their soil to address this issue? No. The reason is that economy comes first before environment; a quick buck is better than a slow one. Except that now it’s costing all of us an awful lot. You cannot just look at one part of the puzzle and ignore the rest.


‘Slow Fashion’ Thoughtful Clothing’ is something that the clothing companies we use have been looking at for years. The impact on the workers that produce the material to make clothes from, and the condition of the soil its grown in all have an effect that is considered by brands like People Tree, Komodo and Braintree Clothing. When you buy ethical organic clothing you are not just supporting the people that sewed them together, and where they did that, you are also supporting the farmers that grew the crops and whether the soil or they themselves where exposed to pesticides currently banned in Europe or not.


None of can operates inside a vacuum, or a bubble, where our actions and the clothes we buy don’t affect anyone else. No company or business can do this either. If we carry on the way we are, it’s so sad that we may not even learn the hard way, but all our children will.

So there we are 2016’s rant has begun and is set to continue as we all in our own small ways address the Shock of the Anthropocene.


holistic Cycle.jpg


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