Last Week of Sale- Liv’s Top 5 Picks

There are many methods, tactics or tips for sale shopping, and i do think they are sensible, and I do think a wardrobe sort out tells you a lot about how you buy/ what your missing (in my case no need to own that many white blouses, let alone buy anymore!). However I also think that a sale is a time when the reduced prices give you a bit more financial freedom, so I cannot resist the temptation to go ‘hog wild’ and just buy what I like, just for that very reason that, I like it!!

Also I am safe in AIRR knowing everything has ethical credentials which allows this freedom, unfortunately the option of going Hog Wild in a high street shop is off the table for me because I don’t want to contribute to any misery anywhere along the process of getting clothes!

So here are my favourite finds in AIRR!


Item 1:

Maison Scotch All-Over Printed T-Shirt White

Regular price£40 Sale price£28


This top is great for wearing underneath things, its nice and loose, and would add interest to other outfits even as a layer just visible on the shoulder or waist. Or when it gets warmer, slung over a bikini top (I’m not sure my bikini will see the light of day this year, but we can dream!)

Item 2:

Maison Scotch Skinny Pants – Vintage Pink

Regular price£104.95 Sale price£60.90


I think I might be AIRR Clothing’s biggest fan of Maison Scotch jeans! It is just so rare to find such a good fit of jeans, there is always usually some problem (a waist thats too low, a baggy bum, a tendency to stretch so much you can’t get a second days wear etc etc etc) so these jeans to me are brilliant! I love this colour too for giving a dull winter wardrobe a lift and they work summer or winter.


Item 3:

Beaumont Organic Ailish Organic Cotton & Linen Dress

Regular price£73 Sale price£40


This dress has a double layer skirt, linen and organic cotton jersey, the jersey is super soft and its just a classic shape and style for wearing with flip flops or trainers in the summer. Again I’m thinking of warmer days but i often pick up my summer clothes in a winter sale!


Item 4:

People Tree Minna Dot Dress in Black

Regular price£60 Sale price£40


This Mina Dot dress is made for autumn and winter, great with a colourful knitted cardigan over the top, tights and boots. But again I would wear it in summer as above with some trainers.


Item 5:

Maison Scotch Loose Sweater

Regular price£97 Sale price£67.90


This jumper is a great sweater dress/ tunic jumper. Brilliant for throwing on at the weekend. I would buy it probably a bit bigger than I need it to be so that its extra cosy and big! Pair with leggings or jeans, boots and trainers, or as above sandals strait leg trousers!


So they are all my favourite bits, hope you’ve enjoyed them, and they have given you some inspiration for our sale end THIS SATURDAY!


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