Sale Shopping; How to be a Thrifty Sale Shopper!


  1. A curious phenomenon happens when only 1 item is left of its kind. No matter how well a top, dress or skirt has sold, when it’s the last remaining 1 it goes nowhere. Scarcity is something advertisers often use as a motivation for shoppers to buy things (“get it now, while stocks last”) but in clothing shops this seems to be a turn off. The opportunity for you is to bag the bargain and see past this curious rule!!
  2. Approaching sale shopping in a smart way means that you’ll get the most out of your money, walk away with great clothes and avoid any post-purchase feelings of regret. It all begins with preparation – you need to know your current wardrobe inside out and create a list of what you wear often, what you don’t have but would like, and the items you really don’t need another version of. Anita Barr group buying director, Harvey Nichols. So have a rout through, you’ll soon see a pattern (IE tons of tops, only 3 pairs of trousers if your me!)
  3. Decide now whether your shopping for useful staples, or something a bit different. This cuts down in indecision whilst shopping!
  4. I usually do reverse season to get the biggest bargains, I.E summer maxi dresses now in the cold winter, a coat in the summer, this rule doesn’t always apply but its worth checking and waiting to unleash that summer dress or statement coat!!
  5. Bigger buys, such as knitwear, coats, shoes, things that you expect to cost more, when discounted feel like more of a bargain, but don’t overlook the humble vest top, we don’t always see it in winter, but when are they not useful! In AIRR’s Clearance sale you can get a vest top, or items that go right next to your skin in organic and comfortable fibres. A great place to start with organic clothing.
  6. Above all, enjoy yourself, being thrifty is fun!!


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