Fix Drab, Colourless Winter Wardrobes


It is a good thing to be in tune with the seasons, and today in Wirksworth, Derbyshire, middle of England, it looks pretty dull and grey. It is not the case however, that we always feel drab and grey, in fact wearing clothes that are colourful can help pick up your mood and feel happier and healthier:

“If you aren’t feeling centered or secure, black can feel like a security blanket. For that reason, we see a lot of black in cities. In my work I try to help people move away from black because it can have a depressive quality to it,” says Hart. “Color has an effect on our psyche, it’s always affecting us whether we are aware of it or not.”

Constance Hart From

So, how can we introduce a bit of colour to our wardrobe without perhaps feeling like we are standing out? Colours don’t necessarily have to be bright or garish, adding to your wardrobe staples and your “everyday go to” items is probably the best place to start. If its a very special or expensive one off item the chances are you won’t reach for it at the weekend. So here are our top pics for ethical clothing that adds a bit of colour this winter, but doesn’t feel to stand outish!

The green, blues and greys of this top are woven through the jumper so its easy to match with other things and to layer under larger textured knits, with its breathable soft cotton, its colour but still playing it pretty safe.

Komodo Dann Jumper £60 Organic Cotton knit
Komodo Dann Jumper, Organic Cotton Knit SALE £40.00

These jeans are a great way of introducing colur to your go to items, really easy and comfy to wear, berry is easy to mix with our other more usual winter colours such as greys blacks and browns.

Best fit Jeans £87.00
Best fit Jeans – SALE £60.00

The turtle neck is back with vengeance this season and it looks like its hear to stay! Again its really easy to layer under other things and in this way it can add an accent colour just around the neck or sleeve line without feeling perhaps like its too much. These two from Komodo are made from Bamboo Jersey  which is a great breathable fabric.


A great dress for winter that adds colour but is easy to match with other things is this People Tree Langley Fitted Dress, You can wear cardigans and loose jumpers off the shoulder on top and pair with boots and leggings to keep warm.

The People Tree Fitted Langley Dress £85.00
The People Tree Fitted Langley Dress – SALE £45.00


If your feeling a bit braver and like you want a winter dress, this Bibico Dress is a step up from the one above with a longer fuller skirt, in a cotton and wool mix. It looks fabulous with a loose, oversized cardigan on the top and cowboy style boots. Even I have managed to was it without shrinking it, in fact it looks just the same as when before I washed it which is unheard of! This is my personal winter colour favourite it lifts all shades of complexions giving you a rosy boost!

Bibico Classic Cherry Red Midi Dress £85.00
Bibico Classic Cherry Red Midi Dress – SALE £50.00




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