Hello Can I Help You?

This is what we used to hear in shops, especially old family shops that are practically British Institutions. Some of these shops journeys to fame have even been turned into serial dramas. ‘Are you being served’ the popular comedy, was based on the kind of service you would receive in most high street shops in Britain at the time.


Are you Being Served
Are You Being Served

Although this kind of service could be quite staid, and sometimes, I can remember feeling watched and judged while shopping! Most of the time it was really nice if you are looking for something to be able to say, “ I am looking for an orange or red cardigan” and there be someone there to answer you and point you in the right direction.

Not everyone enjoys shopping in the same way and this kind of service meant that, if you needed information about a product, you could find it quick and feel like you had achieved what you needed to quickly and got something nice.

The long and the short of this is that after a few Christmas shopping experiences outside the walls of AIRR Clothing we are mourning the loss of personality in shops, and feeling rather like another number!

The Liberties Magical Interior 

In AIRR we always have a nice chat with people when they come in and want a chat, or if they are happy browsing, they mill around and have a feel and a try of all the clothes, it’s a nice atmosphere that is relaxed, and never feels like a rushed jumble sale, or a faceless corporation.

Being an ethical shop and choosing our clothes based on the ethical credentials of their production first also means that we have researched the clothes very thoroughly, and know where the clothes have come from. We are interested in the clothes so if people ask about them its not a chore to explain anything.

If we post something out via an online sale we try to offer the same kind of care and information also, so it doesn’t feel like your buying from another giant company. We do care, it does affect us and we don’t think that anyone is a number! We are a small shop with big ethical credentials and a big heart. We are a small team that knows lots of people in the community, or returning customers and we like it that way. If you know another shop like this please try to use it before an online order or a great big shopping center because they are disappearing, and we love them!

Ollivanders Wand Shop inHarry Potter (How all shops should be!)

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