Presents and Clothes- Give an Ethical Gift!


Buying clothes or accessories as a christmas present is famously tricky! What if they don’t like it!?

Also another thing that seems to happen at Christmas time and no other is that we seem to ‘go hog wild’ online, when usually we might visit our local shops? This rush or panic is then not very conducive to shopping ethically. In AIRR we take a lot of time to consider where all this ‘stuff’ comes from, who made it, where, and out of what? Does it damage the environment or people? It would be lovely to live in a world where this wasn’t a consideration but everywhere we put our money tells a story. If you don’t want to spend a lot of time thinking about this and just enjoy shopping, come to AIRR because we have already done it all for you.


If your still worried about present buying, there are a few tips and tricks we would like to share to help make sure you buy the right gift!

1)At AIRR we know all our customers quite well and are a small team of women that pay a lot of extra attention and care to what we stock, what we sell, what we do, and who to. If you are buying for someone that shops in or likes AIRR the chances are we know what they want! Being part of such a thriving and friendly community in Wirksworth is a great thing so please ask – even if its over the phone!

2) Simplicity is key. If you are buying someone a top or jumper as a present if you go for a basic staple, chances are it won’t jar! The fact that in AIRR most of our basics are 100% organic and have luxuriously soft fabric mean that it is a little out of the ordinary anyway. Eco luxury that is a pleasure to wear is never a bad thing as well as what it supports, so here are our top picks.

Braintree Bamboo Basic Singlet £22.00

Maison Scotch Basic Tee in Blush £34.95
Braintree Hip Zip Throw £49.90



People Tree Yasmin Jumper £65.00

All these tops and jumpers are versatile, great for layering and transition well from work wear, evening wear to casual, so you don’t need to worry about types of occasion. They are all also useful wardrobe staples

3) If your really struggling go for an accessory not a clothing item. Matt and Natt bags are famous for their long lasting wear and vegan credentials. Made out of recycled Nylon, pep bottles and  other things, they are all about ‘Material & Nature’. Apple employed them to make an ethical computer accessory bag and they grew a lot from there. They have a range of beautiful coluors and simple but stylish designs. The Clarke bag below is a larger bag.

Matt & Nat Clarke Bag £125

Their Wallets are also a great present especially if your stuck, because they are always useful.

Matt & Nat Weber small wallet £27.00


Finally you can not go wrong with Jewellery, so here are some of our favourite pieces:

AIRR Team x



FullSizeRender (11)

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