Dressing For Winter

Dressing for winter can be difficult in our ever changing climate, but layering is the answer so here are some perfect layering pieces to take you through this winter.

Wrap Up Warm!


Maison Scotch jeans are comfortable, stretchy enough and the right length. Perfect for layering and for boots or smart shoes or boots for going out for the evening. Find out more here http://www.airrclothing.co.uk/collections/trousers-leggings/maison-scotch


If you want a top that has a bit of extra style, but you don’t want to spend too much time thinking about it, what to put with it to add interest or what will do both day time casual & night time going out, then a Maison Scotch top is another first choice. The printed mix top here does both these jobs and saves time and hassle. http://www.airrclothing.co.uk/collections/tops-1/maison-scotch

Another great layering piece is the Komodo Hola Freckle Top. It has a ‘Marl’ or ‘freckle’ effect to add interest to another wise plane long sleeved top, but its also woven and stretchy but doesn’t cling and adds texture, great over a vest top and under a woolen knit if its really cold. Its also made in 100% breathable organic cotton, so chemical free, great next to skin and won’t make you sweat! http://www.airrclothing.co.uk/collections/tops-1/komodo

The Braintree Purple Long sleeved is a great Bamboo Basic. Bamboo is said to be anti fungal, anti bacterial and again, super friendly to skin with no chemicals dyes. It is made from 67% bamboo 28% organic cotton 5% spandex jersey for all natural and breathable warmth. http://www.airrclothing.co.uk/collections/tops-1/products/braintree-bamboo-basic-top




When It comes to jumpers, everyone is different! If you love a classic knitted jumper, it doesn’t come much more classic than the Bibico Knitted Fisherman style jumper pictured above. With it being 100% pure wool made by hand in Nepal it is £90 and we only have one in size Large to fit 10-14 depending on how you want to to fit. If you would like to bag it quick call us on 01629824945 as its an exclusive shop only item.

Another gorgeous classic is the People Tree Houndstooth Jumper. It is understated but ticks all the boxes http://airrclothing.myshopify.com/collections/jumpers-cardigans/products/people-tree-houndstooth-jumper

People Tree Houndstooth jumper, organic £99.00 A design classic thats easy to wear, the perfect investment piece for winter.

However! If you hate knitted wool jumpers, find them too hot, or have sensitive skin that gets itchy, then the Earth Kind Originals Wrap is perfect in 100% organic cotton it has an extremely soft brushed inside and can be worn in three different ways; Leave open for a sculptural, drapey look, wrap around and button, or tie at the front as a ballet wrap. http://airrclothing.myshopify.com/collections/jumpers-cardigans/eko

EKO Spa Wrap – Petrol £27.00

And last but not least, this powder blue fluffy knit is made of 40% acrylic /30% mohair /30% nylon and its loose knit makes it breathable, so a good alternative throw on for someone thats doesn’t like the feel of pure wool, or, like me can not wash it without it shrinking!! http://airrclothing.myshopify.com/collections/jumpers-cardigans/products/maison-scotch-fluffy-knit-pullover-blue


And to finish any outfit off, add a scarf http://airrclothing.myshopify.com/collections/accessories/scarves  At AIRR Clothing we just can’t imagine how you could survive winter without a natural fibre super soft wrap up warm scarf like one of these- no outfit is complete without one!



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