TTIP, The Dirty Deal Showder & War on Want

This last week was my birthday, I had an amazing time and received this record which was played at the Wirksworth Vinyl Night at The Blacks Head Wirksworth.“>

I had a lot of fun and loved my record present! Another one of my favourite presents was the Lush Dirty Deal Showder, which not only is one of THE BEST shower powders I’ve ever had…It stands for something a whole lot greater…


It’s a showder that works a bit like a gentle scrub, but foams up beautifully and changes colour from purple to pink. It smells divine of lavender and rose with uplifting citrus notes. The pack is designed by Vivienne Westwood and makes any bathroom look more attractive!

N.B – It is advisory to hide this product from children who are completely mesmerised by the colour changing/foaming loveliness! 

The Dirty Deal Showder is more than this though… All profits from the sales of this flowery shower powder will go towards European grassroots groups fighting TTIP (The Transatlantic Trade And Investment Partnership). What is TTIP? It is a series of secret trade negotiations which threaten our democratic rights. Here John Hilary, Executive (Director of War On Want.) explains more:

The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) is a major new deal being negotiated in secret between the EU and USA. TTIP will cost at least 1 million jobs, undermine our most treasured public services, lead to a ‘race to the bottom’ in food, environmental and labour standards and, for the first time, allow US companies to sue the UK government in special courts. TTIP will change our lives for ever.

TTIP is marketed as the answer to recession in Europe and the USA, with bogus promises of growth and jobs. Yet the official study commissioned at the start of the talks calculated that at least 1 million people will lose their jobs in the EU and USA as a direct result of TTIP. With unemployment already at record levels in much of Europe, these people will find it impossible to get new jobs.

TTIP is a deal that is designed by business, for business. It’s the world’s biggest corporations who governments secretly consulted about what they wanted TTIP to contain, and it’s the same corporations who lobby governments the hardest. The only way to stop this corporate takeover is to say #NoTTIP.

How to help

A host of organisations and groups have come together to fight against TTIP in one of the most vibrant movements we’ve seen for years. From trade unions to grassroots environmental activists, War on Want works with a range of allies in Europe and the USA who all have the same message: #NoTTIP

Across Europe, over 2.5 million individual people have now signed the European Citizen’s Initiative saying No to TTIP and to the parallel EU-Canada deal, CETA. This is the largest ever such initiative in European history, and we are pressing ahead to push it up to 3 million and beyond. We can only stop TTIP by coming together to demand the deal is scrapped. We must all take action against TTIP, and we must do it now. EU and US officials are hoping to finalise the deal in the next few months, so this is our chance to stop them.

Take action! Visit

Here you can sign the European Citizen’s Initiative, find out more about TTIP, sign up for updates to let you know what’s happening and join up with others fighting this anti-democratic trade deal. Together we can defeat TTIP and save democracy!

Written by John Hilary, Executive Director of War On Want.

As well as fighting the TTIP Deal War on Want also have a petition for safe working conditions for garment workers in Bangladesh and a Stop Arming Israel campaign. Well worth joining, signing and a sharing.

Find out more here and here:

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